What is NOC for Bike? How to Get it For Bike Transfer or Loan?

Whether you’re selling a vehicle or moving, in India you’ll need to complete a string of paperwork. During the sale, as well as during the relocation, the buyer and seller must provide essential documents and comply with all regulations.

It is necessary to obtain a NOC before shifting your bike from one city to another.  

No Objection Certificates (NOCs) are issued in India by Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) and banks, which state that the information is free of any objections.  

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Through the government’s Parivahan web portal, you can apply for the NOC for RTOs, and for banks, you can apply through their respective procedures. The process for applying for the NOC from the RTO is simple and easy.  

In this article, you’ll learn about the application process for a No Objection Certificate for the bike.

How to Get NOC for Bike Loan?

A NOC is an official certificate of no objection. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting a NOC for the transfer of two-wheelers from one state to another.

To transfer your bike from Mumbai to New Delhi, you will first need to obtain a NOC. It is necessary to re-register the bike with the RTO in New Delhi since the NOC has an expiry date.

In the case of moving from New Delhi to Mumbai, you may have to pay taxes over what you paid when you registered your vehicle in New Delhi. This involves re-registering the age of your two-wheeler and the amount of depreciation your vehicle has taken over time.

A NOC must also be obtained from the bank or financing agency if the vehicle is purchased with the help of a financing agency. For the move to be completed, certain documents will have to be submitted.

There may also be other documents or records requested by the bank, such as a job transfer letter, an appointment letter, and address proof. After this, the bank will process the application after the standard verification procedure is followed and give you the NOC.

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Why is NOC for Bike Important?

When you shift within the state or outside, or if you decide to sell your bike, the NOC is a mandatory document that ought to be presented to the RTO.

The certificate states that you no longer owe the RTO any fees or charges or have repaid NOC for a bike loan. Here are some reasons why your bike needs a NOC:

  • The RC requires you to sell your bike and cancel the hypothecation with the bank
  • You’ll need to cancel or remove your hypothecation with the bank
  • Observe the requirements outlined in the Motor Vehicle Act since the NOC is required if you wish to transfer the bike to another state or if you need a new registration mark

Application Process to Get NOC for Bike?

You can apply for a NOC for your two-wheeler online in two ways: through the RTO or the bank. Below are the steps to take:

  • Step 1: Visit the bank site online.
  • Step 2: Log in to your account 
  • Step 3: Now you can download the NOC for the bike online.

If you are unable to download the certificate online, you will need to visit your bank’s branch.

NOCs can only be obtained online through the application form. To continue processing the application, you must visit the zonal RTO. 

RTO NOC application for two-wheelers can be completed online by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the Vahan Citizen Services website and select your state and RTO
  • Step 2: Now, you must click the “Log on to Avail Services” to get to the next step
  • Step 3: Select “Application for No Objection Certificate”
  • Step 4: Enter the registration number and the last five digits of the chassis number present on your bike
  • Step 5: Select the “ Validate Registration Number” Option
  • Step 6: The application form is generated by the site(Make sure to check the details)
  • Step 7: Enter bike insurance details in the form along with the new RTO state code
  • Step 8: Save the form
  • Step 9: Make the payment of fees and take the necessary print of the receipt
  • Step 10: Carry your NOC, fee proof, and other required documents to the RTO for further process

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Documents required to get NOC for Bike:

Certain documents are required as part of the verification process. You need to submit the following documents to obtain the NOC for the bike easily:

  • Registration certificate for two-wheeler
  • RC book
  • Insurance certificate for bike
  • PUC 
  • Chassis number pencil sketch or print 
  • Photo identity proof of the vehicle owner
  • Address proof of the vehicle owner
  • Passport size photograph 

Cancellation of NOC for Bike:

If you do not intend to use the NOC you received from the RTO, you will need to cancel it. The NOC issuer will need to provide you with a Non-Utilisation Certificate (NUC).

The NUC should then be submitted to the RTO that originally registered your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

How to get NOC for bikes online?

You must submit the form online on the Vahan Citizen Services portal and make the necessary payment to initiate the process of NOC issuance.

Why is NOC really important?

Your NOC essentially certifies that you do not have any tax dues left to your current state. Two-wheeler owners do not need a NOC if they travel for up to three months to another state.

Does NOC for bikes need renewal?

The validity of the NOC is six months. During this time, the vehicle must be re-registered or transferred, or anything else related to it. To cancel a NOC, you must follow the necessary procedure.


Most of the time, the RTO takes seven to eight days to initiate the process of NOC issuance. If you’re wondering about how to apply NOC for a two-wheeler online and find the above-described process cumbersome, then you should know that there is currently no provision made available by the government that lets vehicle owners complete the NOC process online.

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