How to Check RTO Vehicle Information by Number Plate [Definitive Guide]

Knowing all the vehicle details from a number plate can sound overwhelming at first. You may be stressed by the lengthy bureaucratic procedures that take a long time to provide the required information. But here we have an easier alternative to avoid all the hassle that comes with finding vehicle information.

Before understanding the process of acquiring RTO vehicle information, let’s first know in which situations you might need vehicle information and how it will help you overcome the issues related to the vehicle. 

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Why might you need to trace the vehicle owner’s details by number plate?

Scenario 1: Hit-and-run

Having witnessed a hit-and-run case, you might find the need to know the owner’s details that can help you report it. When you are a victim of a hit-and-run and you know the vehicle registration number, then the owner’s details can be found. 

Scenario 2: Accident

When you get into an accident, you might realize the need to get the owner’s details in case of severe damage to you and your vehicle. In such cases, knowing the owner’s details can come in handy as you can avoid disputes and go legally in order to solve the issue.

Scenario 3: Used Vehicle Purchase

When buying a second-hand vehicle, the owner’s details need to be checked so that you can freely buy the vehicle and assure that it doesn’t have any record of mis compliance with the RTO laws. You can simply log in to your Ontrack account and search for the vehicle information using the number plate data or go to the Vahan portal and use the registration number to find the owner’s name and other details.

Scenario 4: Vehicle Inspection

When the RTO authorities or any other governing body needs to find and verify your vehicle information and details, they can simply do it using the Vahan portal as a necessary step in the vehicle inspection procedure. Once you upload the soft copies on the Digilocker app, there is no need to carry the hard copies to the RTO. Instead, the officials easily acquire the required information using the online app.

Use our  Ontrack App to search for RTO vehicle Information.

Find vehicle owner details with the help of the registration number online:

There are numerous ways to check vehicle owner details online using apps and government websites. To check the vehicle owner details, you can use the Parivahan website and gain the relevant information that you have been looking for. To optimize your information-gaining process, the Ontrack app gives you data on a vehicle in time with an easy interface and visual help.

3 Efficient Ways to Obtain the RTO Vehicle Owner Details

  1. Using Ontrack App

With comprehensible instructions and visuals that establish clear communication with the user, this method is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to get the RTO vehicle information. Just sign in to the Ontrack app using your phone number and simply opt for vehicle information. This way you don’t need to visit any website and wait long hours to acquire the details that you can get instantly elsewhere. 

How to get the Vehicle Owner’s Details using Ontrack App?

Follow these 3-Simple Steps:

  1. Download the “Ontrack app” and log in with your phone number
  2. Under the services category, select “RTO Information”
  3. Enter the vehicle number in the search bar and click on “Search” 

2) Using Parivahan Website

Parivahan’s website can be used to check the four-wheeler or two-wheeler information along with the owners’ names and other details. All this information can be accessed using a number plate. Visit the VAHAN e-services portal to know about the process in more detail. A good internet connection and a device to access the portal are everything you need to use this method.

How to obtain vehicle information using the Parivahan website?

Step 1: Log in to the Parivahan Portal

Step 2: Go to “Informational Services”

Step 3: Next, click on “Know Your Vehicle Details” in the drop-down list

Step 4: Enter phone number and email ID

Step 5: Once the login process is completed, go to the next page

Step 6: Enter vehicle plate number

Step 7: Click on “Vahan Search”, and it’s done!

3) Using SMS

One of the popular services offered by the VAHAN portal is the SMS service. It helps to find vehicle registration details using the easiest steps. 

How to obtain the RTO vehicle information using the Vahan portal?

Step 1: On the messaging app of your phone, simply enter “VAHAN (space) vehicle registration number”.

For instance, if the number is “MH12KB1##0”, then you must enter VAHAN MH12KB1##0

Step 2: Send the message to the following number: 7738299899

Step 3: An SMS is released within a few seconds which gives you the vehicle details of the above vehicle number. This information includes the owner’s name, RTO details, insurance validity, registration validity, vehicle model name, etc. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we get the address of the owner using a vehicle number plate?
As a security and protective step, the owner’s address is not disclosed. This is also done to inhibit the misuse of personal details. The name of the owner is also partially accessible for the same safeguarding purpose.

Can you check the tax validity from a vehicle’s registration number?

With the VAHAN website, you can easily access the duration of the vehicle tax along with some other related details.

What is the process for getting RTO vehicle information using a vehicle number?

Download the “Ontrack app” and log in using your mobile number. Once you enter your search query in the search bar and hit enter, the app will guide you throughout and give you the relevant information based on your search. Make sure you enter the right vehicle number to gain the right vehicle owner details. 

What documents can I use to access the vehicle owner details online?

Vehicle owner details can be accessed using vehicle registration numbers. You cannot use an Aadhar card number or PAN card number to gain the vehicle owner details online. 

Use our  Ontrack App to search for RTO vehicle Information.

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