Suggestions To Follow For Riding Bikes Safely During Dark Hours

You might hear many bikers saying that the best time for bike riding starts after sunset. Riding bikes during dark hours allures devoted riders with a manifold of magnetism. Serene wafts sailing along with the wheels aside the road, malleable-looking and ever-changing landscapes draping the delicate veil of darkness and the silence of the night – what can a rider urge more to satisfy his soul filled with wanderlust? 

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But, as you know, like every other stunning experience that the human mind and soul can encounter, riding a bike at night is tangled with some potential risks. Now, nobody will suggest you abandon the idea of hitting roads after dark. If you don’t own a bike, no problem as companies like Ontrack offer you the option to rent bikes in Bangalore. Taking a bike for rent is so effortless that you can do it simply through mobile phone applications like the OnTrack app

However, there are some suggestions you should follow to maximize your safety on the road while gliding forward with your bike during the night. So, let’s take a look at them. 

  1. Avoid Glare from Vehicles Approaching You

Often, glare from vehicles coming from the opposite side of you can block your sight and create dangers. Hence, the best way to avoid this glare is to keep the bike as far as possible from the opposite traffic flow. 

Hence, whether you decide to ride with your bike or hire one from bike rentals in Bangalore, it’s always better to ride along the leftmost lane of the road if you don’t want cars and bulky trucks making impediments to your sight. Oppositely, for the same reason, riding bikes through the rightmost lane is the worst decision a biker can make. 

However, you should keep an eye on vehicles before and behind while riding through the leftmost lane. It’s because vehicles take this lane to leave busy roads and highways. 

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  1. Ensure Optimum Visibility of Yours

When you have taken care of the glare problem, it’s time to check whether you can see everything on the road that you should. In other words, your vision should be clear enough to keep track of the road ahead. 

Check if the visor of a helmet you are going to wear looks clean or not. It shouldn’t have any scratches and spots caused by mist and dirt. It’s because, upon being on the visor, such spots tend to reflect lights and block riders’ eyesight. 

Now, if you think about the scratches, they are even more significant obstacles to your sight. Scratches have the potential to twist the lights falling upon your face, leaving you incapable of reading things with your eyes. 

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  1. Don’t Try Exceeding the Range of Your Headlight

Upon you decide to rent a bike in Bangalore for a month from agencies like OnTrack, surely you will get your two-wheeler in perfect condition. The OnTrack app is the mobile application you would need to get a bike in such a manner. While riding during dark hours, you will notice that your headlight has a specific range, which you should drive within when there’s no other light source on the road.  

Besides, it’s always a great idea to run your ride at a speed that, even if you suddenly get into an emergency and have to hit the brakes, you can stop your bike before hitting the object before you. Now, this might be difficult to continue riding within that limited range for a long. But, if your motorcycle has floodlights, you can enjoy an extended visibility range and run your two-wheeler more easily.  

  1. Never Overtake Without Flashing Your Headlight

Overtaking is part and parcel of riding a bike or any other vehicle. However, while doing it, ensure that the driver of a vehicle you will overtake can discern your intentions properly. So how to do it during nighttime? It’s as simple as getting a bike from bike rentals in Bangalore. Flash your headlights while trailing that vehicle and wait until the vehicle before you give space for overtaking. 

On winter nights, most vehicle owners prefer to shut their windows so cold air cannot get into their cars. In such cases, they might not be able to hear your horn. Hence, instead of it, flashing your headlights will be a better idea.  

  1. Apply Proper Planning

If you are planning to make a journey with a bike at night, you shouldn’t twist that accelerator without having a proper plan on your palm. So, how to make a plan for your bike ride during nighttime? – Only keep the following points in your mind. 

  • Arrange Things You Will Need During the Trip

After renting a bike in Bangalore for a month through apps like the Ontrack app, list the basic stuff you need to take along with you on your journey and pack them in your back without a miss. It will keep you resourced during riding hours and save you from frequently seeking and stopping at roadside shops to purchase items. The list should also include your riding gear. Before hitting the road, clean your bike properly. 

  • Learn the Distance of Your Journey and Decide on a Riding Speed

Riding on highways during the night means, if you need, you might not be able to get adequate assistance from others. Hence, before you embark on your journey, obtain enough idea of your road map. Afterward, consider if you need to reach your destination within any period. If you do, decide when you should start your journey and what speed you should ride your bike. If you want a break in the journey, gather enough details.

Here are some tips that might help people make the most of their bike rental experiences. 

Wrapping Up

Riding bikes during the night can be an excellent experience for you. Hence, whether you have a motorcycle or not can decide whether you should go for such an expedition. Plenty of quality bike rentals in Bangalore, like OnTrack, offer two-wheelers for rent monthly. The OnTrack app would be a fine example of a mobile application for renting a bike from them. You can get your dream model from their collection. But how to keep yourself safe during your night rides depends entirely on you. 

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