How to Claim Bike Insurance? [What is No Claim in Bike Insurance]

If your bike is involved in an accident, you are entitled to compensation from your insurer. For insurers to register, process, and settle a claim, certain procedures must be followed.  

Bike insurance claims are settled through a standard procedure. You must make sure that you have a clear understanding of the bike insurance claim rules before claiming compensation.

Also, if you are purchasing two-wheeler insurance in India, you should ensure you review the terms, benefits, restrictions, and most importantly, the insurer’s claim settlement ratio, before making a final decision.

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How to Claim Bike Insurance?

You need to inform the insurance provider of the accident before you can submit a bike insurance claim. A natural disaster, theft, or accident can cause damage. The “expense reimbursement process” requires that you submit all the required documents.

Before you dive into the settlement process and understand the bike accident insurance claim for a two-wheeler, you should know what types of claims there are:

  1. Cashless claim settlement: Insurance firms settle cashless claims without requiring the insured to pay from their wallet. Services must be obtained at a garage from the network. These garages are tapped by the insurer(Ontrack in this case), so they make direct payments to them.
  2. Reimbursement claim settlement: In the event of a bike insurance reimbursement claim, you are responsible for bearing the repair expenses from your own pocket and claiming later. Upon verification of supporting documents such as the original repair bill, receipt, policy document, request for reimbursement, etc., the insurer will reimburse the incurred amount. Your preferred garage can repair your car, and you’ll be compensated directly in your account for the expenses incurred.

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Filling Bike Insurance Claim:

Step 1: If it’s an accident, for instance, if you accidentally hit the other party’s vehicle, you must instantly inform the police authorities as well as the insurer(Ontrack in this case). In another case, you might be the victim. Here you must take the insurance plan details to the insurer to process an insurance claim under third-party liability.

When the damage occurs due to natural or man-made calamities, you must inform your insurer. Do not forget to file FIR immediately in case of an accident. You must also make sure that the insurer is informed within the given period to avoid claim rejection.

The last scenario is where you lost your bike or when it gets stolen. In this case, FIR filling is necessary with the need to inform the insurer at the earliest.

Step 2: Once the first step is complete, the insurer takes the charge and forwards the details to the Motor Insurance Claim Tribunal Court. Your case is then investigated and examined by the court authority. The damaged vehicle will be then sent for repair.

Step 3: The compensation amount must be paid in court after the verification procedure is completed. The garage and repair bills will be directly settled in case of a cashless procedure. However, if it’s a reimbursement case then the insurer will pay the bill. 

If the vehicle is stolen, a non-traceable certificate will be issued by the police. It depends on the issue, whether the insurer settles the claim and pays to the IDV.

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Bike Insurance Claim Rejection Reasons:

There are a variety of reasons why a claim may be rejected, including:

  1. Insurance policies cover the occurrence of mishaps/accidents outside the geographical area.
  2. Alcohol-related mishaps/accidents caused by intoxicated drivers.
  3. An accident resulted from the insured’s two-wheeler being used illegally.
  4. Expired insurance policy.
  5. A claim could be rejected if the insurance company discovers that a policyholder is providing false information.
  6. Alcohol or any other intoxicating substance is involved in the accident.
  7. Accidents that occur as a result of the policyholder’s carelessness will not be covered by the insurance company.
  8. When the policyholder repairs their vehicle without notifying their insurance company.
  9. Whenever a driver is not carrying a valid driving license when an accident occurs, the claim is rejected.
  10. When the accident is not reported promptly and when the rules and regulations are not followed.
  11. Two-wheeler owners may be required to pay a large sum if the repair cost exceeds the depreciated value of their bike.

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Documents Required For The Bike Insurance Claim:

  • Claim settlement form (signed and properly filled with the right details)
  • Copy of two-wheeler insurance policy, driving license, and registration certificate of bike
  • Copy of FIR( Only in case of accident or theft)
  • Original tax-paid receipt
  • The original invoice for the repair
  • In case its a reimbursement claim, you must provide all original invoices and payment slips 
  • If it’s a theft case, the no-traceable report must be provided(Issued by the police)
  • Forms 29, 29, 30 and 35
  • Subrogation letter


There is no way we can predict what will happen next in life. There is always a possibility of an accident occurring at any time. You should ensure that your two-wheelers are insured comprehensively with sufficient coverage to keep them protected. Make sure you secure your future and stay prepared with the right insurance plan. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

What should you not do after a bike accident?

You must not:

  • Leave the accident spot
  • Leave without informing the police
  • Leave without informing the insurer(Ontrack in this case)
  • Settle with a third party as the insurer will reject your claim 
  • Forget to document the accident when it is possible

How many times can I raise a claim against the vehicle insurance policy?

There is no threshold limit on the number of times you can raise a claim against your vehicle. But there can be certain benefits that you might not be able to profit from in case of numerous filing claims.

What is no claim bonus in bike insurance?

If a bike owner does not make any claims during the term of his bike insurance policy, the motor insurance company offers him a discount or savings on his premium.

How to claim insurance for bike damage?

You must inform the insurer and Police( in case of theft or if required). Make sure you have the documents that are required for claim settlement.

Whom should I inform after an accident?

Inform the insurer and the police( if required). Cooperate and support the insurer during the claim settlement process. Also, make sure you have the necessary documents that are required for claim registration.

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