Trip To Ladakh From Bangalore on Your Rented Bike

Ladakh – A pristine land where mountains and sky look like heaven, draping the blonde rays of the glistering sun. Maybe owing to such splendor of nature, Ansel Adams once said, “No matter how sophisticated you may be, a large granite mountain cannot be denied – it speaks in silence to the very core of your being.” A biking trip to Leh Ladakh can combine many things for you. It lets you stop by scenic destinations, teach you heights, challenge you with thorny roads, and, overall, craft memories you can never forget for the rest of your life. 

Hence, one should never refrain from experiencing this mesmerizing journey, irrespective of whether he owns a two-wheeler. In case you don’t have one, you don’t have to be upset and leave such opportunities for others, as bike rentals in Bangalore are present to offer your dreams with wheels of assurance. Yet, there is some information to know about before commencing your journey. So, let’s have eyes on them in the sections below. 

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Ladakh With Bike Rentals In Bangalore: Some Quick Facts

  • Distance and Factors Deciding Traveling Costs

The distance you need to cover on your bike for traveling to Ladakh from Bangalore is around 3185 km. The cost you need to bear for this trip depends on multiple purposes, like the company you rent a bike in Bangalore from, how many days you are willing to stay out, the type of accommodation, meals, and more. Now, the latter factors depend on your personal choice. But if you plan to rent the bike from popular agencies like Ontrack, it would be the lowest for sure. Besides, you can book it from your phone with the Ontrack app

  • Bangalore to Leh: Best Routes

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so…get on your way!” if you love your mountains, you might have heard these lines from Dr. Seuss at least once. So now, if you want to reply when the mountains call you and are willing to hit the roads with bike rentals in Bangalore, you have two route options. 

  1. Delhi to Srinagar to Leh Highway

One is the Delhi-Srinagar-Leh highway. It would be the best route to take, as you won’t feel any scarcity in accommodation, petrol pumps, ATMs, and places to eat. Moreover, this route is the quickest and more convenient. Hence, the majority of travelers are seen to vote for this route. Two more routes get separated from Kargil. One goes through Chitkan, and the other penetrates Skurbuchan. 

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  1. Delhi to Manali to Leh Highway

This route might get opted for a bit lesser times by travelers, but if you wish to experience the majestic splendors your whirling wheels can offer you, this would be the road to take. Besides, it would also be the route you prefer if adrenalin will fuel your heart during those days. This route will make you encounter challenging roads, places in high altitudes, etc. However, these availabilities should never make you lose self-control and be reckless here. 

Best Places for Sightseeing if You Rent a Bike in Bangalore and Visit Ladakh

If you rent a bike in Bangalore through accessible mobile applications like the Ontrack app for traveling to Ladakh, a galore of must-to-visit spots awaits you. Let’s have a look at some of them. 

  1. Nubra Valley

For many reasons, Nubra Valley has gained prominence in the checklist of travelers’ must-visit places. Firstly, the dunes and camping can make you feel like you are on an Arabian night. Some other attentions are riding double-humped camels and short trips to Samstanling Monastery and Panamik village. 

  1. Yarab Tso

Yarab Tso is a picturesque lake in Nubra Valley. According to the religious beliefs of locals, this lake is holy. If you want to find yourself at the bank of Yarab Tso, you need to make a 20 minutes hike. Once you get there, you will recognize what a gem you have encountered by traveling to Ladakh from Bangalore with the help of bike rentals in Bangalore. 

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  1. Hemis National Park

Hemis National Park would be a place to remember if you are a wildlife enthusiast. The national park is blessed with rare snow leopards and many others. The Hemis Monastery is another great place to spend some hours, at around 86 km far from this national park. 

Things You Should Necessarily Have In Your Backpack

  1. Clothing

Bangalore to Ladakh is quite a long trip on a bike. Hence, the way you pack your backpack should be extremely particular and proper. In addition, your journey to Ladakh will make you go through different altitudes, therefore, drastic temperature changes. So, be prepared for it. Get some warm clothes you can wear as layers and safeguard yourself from chilly weather. But are you informed about everything you need to know before renting a bike?

  1. Medicines

In medicines, keep a first aid kit with you. Aside from it, keep ointments and lotions for scars and bruises. You must also keep medicines for the common cold, indigestion, and more. 

  1. Safety Accessories

Traveling to Ladakh from Bangalore, renting a two-wheeler from bike rentals in Bangalore means you will make your way through various landscapes. Hence, carrying protective accessories, sunglasses, body lotions, sunscreen, gloves, moisturizer, and more is a must. 

These things will be much more mandatory to be used once you enter the territory of Jammu. From then on, you need to wear all the wearable items and apply sunscreen to safeguard yourself from chilly winds and sun.

Conclusion: A biking trip to Ladakh on a motorcycle is the best way to extract all the sweetness from your traveling days. Hence, even if you don’t own a bike or cannot borrow one from someone else, there’s nothing wrong if you rent a bike in Bangalore and let the wheel talk for you. But make sure the rental agency you contact is renowned and capable of offering the types of bikes you will need for this tour. Hiring a bike through the Ontrack app is as simple as channeling a knife through a piece of butter.

You can also check out our app and rent a bike in 3 easy steps: Ontrack App | Bike rental in Bangalore.

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