Everything You Need To Know Before Renting A Bike

No matter where you come from,  if you’re a bike lover your passion to travel is limitless. What huge opportunity could there be than the thought that you may leave your beloved two-wheeler at home and yet enjoy yourself as much?

For most Indian travelers, riding a two-wheeler is indeed an efficient mode of transportation. Bikers love riding their bikes because it gives them a priceless pleasure and is a smart way of avoiding traffic. Renting a bike is a viable alternative for people who want to explore the cities but cannot afford to purchase one now.

Several cities in India provide bike and scooter rental services. Bike lovers in India must be happy to hear that the demand for bike rentals has risen because it increases their choices and makes them more affordable. You may also rent a scooter or a bike online in India, and if you come from abroad, you can pre-book your desired bike. Renting a two-wheeler at a reasonable price is possible via online or offline bike rental services.

Here are some tips that might help people make the most of their bike rental experiences. You can also check out our app and rent a bike in 3 easy steps: Ontrack App | Bike rental in Bangalore.

Knowing Your Route: Renting a Bike Carefully

Before you go on your next trip, it’s smart to research the local bike culture to get a feel for what’s happening. You could find various route possibilities in any given place by doing a brief Google search.

Even if you don’t end up choosing a certain path, you should still be prepared to deal with the following issues:

  • What kind of riding would you want to get involved in?
  • Where do you wish to bike in the city?
  • How long do you intend to ride?

You should choose the best bike for the task if you have these ideas down. Additionally, you’ll be able to identify bike rental providers in your neighborhood and validate your desired rental duration. Here’s a breakdown of common bike types:

  • Hybrid Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Cruiser Bikes
  • Road Bikes
  • City Bikes

The section below will highlight some crucial details that you should take into consideration or double-check before renting a bike. You can also check out our app and rent a bike in 3 easy steps: Ontrack App | Bike rental in Bangalore.

1: Bike Condition

You must rent a bike in excellent shape for your trip. Therefore, be careful to check both tires and rearview mirrors thoroughly. Don’t hesitate to ask for a replacement bike if you see any obvious damage, such as flat tires or damaged mirrors. However, it may not always be feasible to tell without actually experiencing the vehicle.

Check the functionality of the vehicle’s stopping, starting, clutching, shifting, honking, and lighting systems. Basically, ensure that the complete bike works perfectly and that the engine is in excellent working condition. If it produces any unusual noises, notify the bike rental provider. 

2: Safety Gears

Please purchase all necessary biking equipment for yourself and your riding partner, whether it be helmets, jackets, gloves, or anything else. There are several bike rental services that provide headgear. Some impose an extra fee. In any situation, you must ensure everything is clear and set. It’s for your own safety. Ensure that the gear is in excellent shape, whether you’re renting it or borrowing it from a friend. Also, check the helmet’s toughness; it fits your head perfectly without any inconvenience.

3: Valid documentation

Verify that the bike-rental company has the following legal documents:

  • Bike Insurance Policy
  • PUC Certificate
  • Bike Registration Certificate (RC Book)
  • Ownership Proof

Verify that each one is legitimate. These are the necessary papers that you must always have with you. Also, be sure you have any licenses or permissions required for a two-wheeled vehicle before you ride to a certain location. You can also check out our app and rent a bike in 3 easy steps: Ontrack App | Bike rental in Bangalore.

4: Best Price

Everyone wants to obtain good value for money when purchasing a service or a product, don’t they? Some people believe that a bigger price tag indicates quality, but that isn’t always the case.

Therefore, before renting a bike from a rental agency, ensure their fees are reasonable given the services provided. Prices shouldn’t be absurdly high or cheap because this could result in poor service or outright exploitation. Therefore, it is wise to make sure that the price and quality are fairly balanced.

5: Physical Damages

We cannot overstate how crucial this is. Make absolutely sure you carefully inspect the bike before renting it. Inspect that it hasn’t experienced any bodily harm. If you notice anything, make sure the person who is providing the bike rental service knows about it. It is important to bring attention to even the smallest ding, scrape, or other kinds of physical damage. Simply because you don’t want to risk being held accountable for those damages once you’ve finished the bike ride.

6: Double Check everything.

It’s in the rider’s best interest to give the bike a complete once-over inspection before jumping on it. You should thoroughly inspect the tires, engines, braking, handles and headlights for any damage. Before renting out a bike, one should ensure that it’s in optimum driving condition. If renters are unhappy with the quality of their bike or scooter, they have plenty of alternative choices in India. You can also check out our app and rent a bike in 3 easy steps: Ontrack App | Bike rental in Bangalore.

7: Get a Valid license.

It’s against the law to rent a two-wheeler without a license. A valid bike license is required for both legal and safety reasons. It should be noted that insurance will not pay in the case of an accident caused by a non-license holder. Hence, it is sensible to remain on the safer side and apply for a license if you do not have it yet. One must always have a two-wheeler license when riding a two-wheeler on Indian highways.

8: Choose bikes based on ability and roads.

People are often attracted by attractive and speedy bikes and rent them. However, relying just on appearances isn’t a wise idea. Picking a bike that one can control will provide a comfortable and smooth ride with little or no chance of an accident. Renters of bikes shouldn’t put their safety at risk to just drive a big, overweight, expensive bike.

9: Make no decisions based on rent prices.

However, the amount of rent that one would pay for the bike has a significant impact on the choice of two-wheeler rental that one would make. But it would help if you didn’t put the cost first. It has been observed that motorcycles on the cheaper end of the pricing range are less roadworthy and clocked more kilometres. The cheaper bike rental prices are intended to draw in potential bike renters. Therefore, one should avoid falling into this trap and ensure the bike is ride-worthy. You can also check out our app and rent a bike in 3 easy steps: Ontrack App | Bike rental in Bangalore.

10: Rental Contracts.

Every rental service has a unique policy and customer contract. So, before you make a deposit, find out or review the details of your rental agreement. You need to know things like where to get fuel/gas, how much it will cost to fix if you crash it, whether or not you are covered by insurance, and how long you will keep the bike.

11: Go for a test drive.

Lastly, make sure there are no problems before accepting the bike from the rental business by taking it for a quick test drive. The engine must be able to roar unrestricted and easily. If your bike is making unusual noises, whether it’s shifting gears, honking, or not having any lights, you should demand to change bikes.

What Should Be Done If A Vehicle Is Stolen Or Is Missing?

If the bike goes missing or gets stolen, you must tell the vendor immediately. Most dealers may request a substitute car or demand that you pay the car’s market value. Another alternative is to file an FIR (First Information Report) complaint at a local police station to receive the insurance money. It is up to the dealer to make a choice. Therefore, read the rental agreement carefully before renting.

Other Important Information You Need to Know.

  • Get the dealer’s business card or take their cellphone number if anything goes wrong with the bike.
  • Verify the terms and conditions with the bike dealer regarding pickup and replacement in case of a breakdown. Some stores provide pickup and replacement services. It is always strongly recommended to reconfirm in advance.
  • Never leave your helmet on your bike, no matter how much you pay for parking. No matter how well you secure it, there is a good risk that it will be stolen. We recommend this based on personal experience.
  • Some vendors have pre-set speed limitations based on the CC to prohibit customers from driving too fast. If you are unsure, inquire with the vendors.
  • Take care not to overfill the tank, and check that there’s more fuel in the tank than there was when you rented the bike.
  • Before setting out on a journey, it’s a smart practice to know the local climate and make preparations accordingly.
  • If you plan on traveling through remote areas, it is wise to bring along some mechanical equipment and replacement parts in case your vehicle breaks down.

You can also check out our app and rent a bike in 3 easy steps: Ontrack App | Bike rental in Bangalore.

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