Best Spots To Visit By Renting A Bike in Bangalore

“To travel is to live,” as said by the famous author Hans Christian Anderson fits perfectly with travel freaks. The city Bangalore is surpassing to shower beauty and intelligence under one roof by providing a mesmerizing garden city to Silicon Valley representing India. The state with which Bangalore is a part shares its regions with six more cities, which is why the city eludes many travel freaks to explore every corner of it. The city is blessed with a maximum number of small spots that can be made through bike trips. It would be a mind-blowing experience indeed. Thus, visiting and downloading the Ontrack app to rent a bike in Bangalore for a month will ease your traveling effort. It is one of the best bike rental stores in Bangalore. 

Top Traveling Spots Near Bangalore

If an immigrant from Bangalore tempts you for a bike ride in the morning, you should explore the hilly spots where the city accumulates. Besides exploring the majestic historical places along with the top MNCs, explore each by renting a bike in Bangalore. The list is here, take a glance at these adrenaline-pumping, heart-wrenching, up-swinging bike ride destinations from our fair city. Helmet on! and be safe. Several bike rentals in Bangalore have seamlessly served this ground for years to make your journey comfortable. 

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  1. The Mesmerizing Town Ooty

Often called the queen of hills, the town of Ooty gives a mesmerizing view of the city where you can explore tea gardens in the mountains-cliffs. It is 280 km from Bangalore, but most bike riders halt here overnight and ten gears from this destination. Though it sounds apt, “Life is a journey, not a destination,” asserted by Ralph Waldo Emerson, completes the article’s plot. The town is set over blue mountains known as Nilgiris, providing pleasant weather and picturesque beauty throughout the year. It has many renowned hotels and restaurants; people often visit the place throughout the year as the weather remains refreshing. Regardless of the facts, hire or make bike rentals in Bangalore to keep yourself safe and make hazardous journeys. 

  1. Avani Betta

Mark Twain’s saying, “Travel is a therapy,” is very much true and works precisely on travel freaks. Avani Betta is located at Mulbagal, Kolar district, if you want a short one-day ride in Bangalore. The spot is famous for archaeological monuments imbibed with historical values and is meant for pilgrimage beliefs. Avani Betta is molded with some old boulders that are years old and known as a trekking route. It is the best place for one-night camping purposes. It will take 2 to 3 hours to reach this spot if you stay in Bangalore. Before you ride a bike, you should adhere to some rules and know the laws for bike riding

  1. Yagachi

This famous destination can be traveled on bikes, located beside the backwaters of Yagachi dam. It takes 3 to 4 hours to reach. You can participate in different adventures like river rafting, speed boating, and banana boating, which will boost your energy. You can also find the Yagachi reservoir near the Yagachi dam. 

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  1. Agumbe

It is one of the oldest destinations near Bangalore to enjoy a majestic view of wildlife amidst the mystic forest. Young bikers can experience thrilling river rafting at this place. Night camping is also famous here. Bikers travel on the banks of a river surrounding the place from all sides. The place is quite far from Bangalore and takes around 7 hours to reach. However, it will snatch your heart with its beauty once you arrive. The best time to visit Agumbe is from December to February in the post-monsoon period.

  1. Coorg

Commonly known as the Scotland of India, Coorg enchants the bikers for the view of nature. You can experience nature and its mood in this place. The waterfalls are an additional charm. Many bikers come here with their beloved for a picnic to spend quality time under the roof of nature. Coorg is a haven for lovers and newly married couples who come to spend a night by renting a bike from nearby locales. If you want to hire any two-wheelers, rent a bike in Bangalore for a month through the Ontrack app

  1. Lepakshi

This is the most attractive village in the Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh, incorporating some historical methodology. Beautiful temples are the attraction of this place, possessing amazing architecture. Every temple is designed perfectly, representing the stories of war of the period 1336 – 1646. The local handicrafts market attracts tourists. The architect freaks admire this place where they can excavate the year-long history and for those who have an interest in mythological history. 

Why Should You Go On Bike Tours?

If you want to feel the charm of nature on a mesmerizing journey, try traveling on a bike. You feel the cool breeze and fast air flowing beside your ear while riding bikes. To explore cities and twins in India, bikes are wonderful companions for you that will give you the replenishment of adventure and the journey too. Thus, let us talk about the reasons travel freaks make renting bikes from bike rentals in Bangalore

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Firstly, you get a chance to halt in places between the journey towards your destination. It will make you explore new people, make friends with them and acknowledge other spots while driving with your partner. People who love long driving on bikes will love to explore Bangalore city at night, representing another phase of the city that is scary, thrilling, and adventurous for the people. 


Bangalore is a mesmerizing city with so many picturesque traveling destinations around it. Now, if you have a real thirst for experiencing the places mentioned above around Bangalore with your own eyes, traveling with two-wheelers is the best possible way. But if you don’t have a bike, don’t bother. Bike rentals in Bangalore, like Ontrack, can empower your traveling desires with quality bikes and scooters. Besides, the most convenient fact is you can book a bike for yourself with only a few clicks on the Ontrack app through your phone. 

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