What is PUC Certificate? Is PUC Required For New Bike?

In India, a certain set of mandatory documents are required for motorists to operate their vehicles on country roads. 

An active motor insurance policy is required as well as a driving license and registration certificate. But there is one document that needs to be carried while driving to avoid any traffic rule violations and certify that your vehicle meets the standards set by the government. It is the PUC certificate!

In this article, we will look at what the PUC certificate is and why it is necessary to carry the PUC certificate.

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What is PUC Certificate?

The PUC acronym stands for ‘Pollution Under Control’. The Bike PUC certificate certifies that your vehicle meets prescribed emissions standards and is completely free to ride on the roads. This certificate can only be obtained after a vehicle has passed the PUC test. Bike PUC tests are usually performed at the petrol pumps where the issuer assesses your bike before granting you the certificate.

All vehicle riders should know that they must take their vehicle for an emission test every six months. You might have to pay hefty fines in the event of a violation. Also, note that the validity PUC for a new bike lasts one year. In this period, you don’t need to worry about the bike and can ride safely on the roads.

Why do you need a PUC Certificate?

A vehicle owner must make sure that all legally required documents are issued for the respective vehicle. In accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act of 1989, a pollution under control certificate is one of these documents that must be issued as soon as you buy a new two-wheeler or four-wheeler.

Global warming and rising air pollution in the country require this action to be combated. This certificate confirms that the vehicle meets the specified emission parameters. Legally riding a vehicle on the road is possible if its emissions are below the prescribed limits.

For each vehicle, the validity of the pollution certificate is determined by the readings obtained during the test. PUC certificates are issued with new vehicles, and the certificates are valid for one year. The vehicle will then have to undergo periodic PUC tests, and a new certificate will be issued each time.

Testing your vehicle at a testing center also keeps you acquainted with its condition. Repairs are available if your vehicle has extremely high emissions.

Driving or riding a bike without a valid PUC certificate is punishable by penalties. This is to ensure that motorists comply with the rules and regulations. The efforts made by the authority to reduce pollution and protect the environment are enhanced by these measures.

What is the cost of the PUC?

A PUC certificate typically costs between Rs 60 and 100(It can vary depending on the vehicle). In comparison to the penalties for driving without a PUC, this nominal charge is definitely more affordable.

It is time to renew your PUC certificate. Keeping your vehicle legally compliant and reducing the pollution will benefit your health.

What is the PUC Test Procedure?

Step 1: Connect with the vehicle dealer.

Step 2: The motor dealer will arrange for the PUC certificate if the vehicle is a new one.

Step 3: Any authorized petrol station will be able to renew your vehicle.

Step 4: A scan of the ejection pipe will be performed to measure the emission rate.

Step 5: After you pay the fees, you will receive a valid PUC certificate for the period of six months.

New Bike PUC Validity & Cost of PUC:

PUC certificates are provided at the time of purchase for new cars and are valid for a year. Once the first year is over, you must conduct regular PUC tests on your car. It is mandatory to get your vehicle PUC tested every six months when you have it undergo the PUC test. The PUC certificate is valid for six months only, so getting your vehicle tested every six months is mandatory.

An adverse PUC test result will affect the certificate validity in cases where the results are adverse. Any car that shows a higher level of emissions during the PUC test will be notified by the agent conducting the test and provided with its VIN numeral within 24 hours of the test taking place.

There are several PUC tests available for a very low price. The price ranges from Rs.60 to Rs.100. It depends on the type of fuel and the type of vehicle being tested and how much a PUC test will cost.

Benefits of PUC Certificate:

  • A PUC Certificate is one of the compulsory documents to renew an insurance policy.
  • By keeping your vehicle emissions within the required levels, you’ll be helping to keep the environment clean and help reduce air pollution
  • You can keep track of your vehicle’s pollution levels and if it needs servicing when you regularly renew your PUC certificate every six months, allowing you to get it serviced before it becomes a bigger issue.  
  • PUC Certificates are required by the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, and failure to obtain one can result in penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any vehicle details mentioned on PUC?

There are several details included on the PUC certificate, such as the serial number, the date of the emission test, the expiration date, the license plate number, and the test result.

Do pollution under control (PUC) certificates last for a year?

The pollution under control certificate for brand-new motorcars is valid for six months after the first year. It is suggested to conduct the test for emission levels of the motorcar, regularly. This is to avoid getting punished by the police for violations.

How much does an emission test cost?

Depending on the type of vehicle, the emission test can cost between Rs.60 and Rs.100.

How to get PUC online?

Visit the Parivahan portal and choose the online services tab which will take you to all the available service options on the web portal. Click on PUCC and follow the given procedure to obtain the PUC certificate.

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