Top 5 TVS Motorcycles to rent in 2022

TVS Motor Company is India’s third-largest motorcycle manufacturer, with the mission of “providing high-quality motorcycles at the right time and at the right price.” TVS products embody innovation, environmental friendliness, ease of handling, and affordability, meeting a wide spectrum of client requests.

TVS Motor Company, a subsidiary of the TVS Group, is an Indian multinational motorcycle manufacturer that was created in 1976 with the goal of producing mopeds. TVS has evolved into a large-scale Indian motorcycle firm with a diverse portfolio that includes mopeds, scooters, commuter motorcycles, and racing-inspired bikes.

The company is headquartered in Chennai, India, and has four manufacturing sites, three of which are in India (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Himachal Pradesh), and the remaining in Karawang, Indonesia. By August 2020, India would have 2378 TVS dealerships distributed across 842 cities.

Should I rent or purchase a motorcycle?

This is a frequently asked question among riders. While there is passion, there is also a financial and logistical issue. There is one thing we all agree on: we all wish we had one or more bikes. However, until recently, hiring a motorcycle was not an option. This has changed. And the moment couldn’t have been more appropriate. COVID assisted in reviving the industry as more people returned to their prior hobby of riding. As a result, if you want to rent a motorcycle, you can do so at a variety of locations where you can ride any type of vehicle.

In this post, we will look at some of the best TVS motorcycles for hire in 2022. With one of these motorcycles, you can have everything you need, including a gorgeous bike, at a fair price.

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1. TVS Ntorq 125

Bike rental in Bangalore
TVS NTorq 125

The TVS Ntorq 125 was introduced in 2018 and became an instant success. It belongs to the premium 125cc scooter sector, which is popular among customers. It has sold more than 15000 units almost every month, the most in its segment. It goes up against the Suzuki Burgman Street, Aprilia SR125, and Honda Grazia. So, here we have the Ntorq 125 for a thorough road test review to determine whether it is a racing scooter or simply a fancy/sporty looking scooter. TVS Ntorq 125 appears to be a fit and healthy man. Its sporting appeal should be noted because it appeals to people of all ages. We had the Yellow-Black paint job, which immediately made me think of Bumblebee. The scooter’s front end features sharp creases and a light muscular body. The turn indicators on the handlebar appear to be new and fresh.

It gets matte grey paint on the sides with a ‘125’ decal over it. The ‘TVS racing’ decal beneath the footboard adds to the scooter’s sporty appearance. Let me tell you, TVS has infused the Ntorq with its unique Racing DNA from the Apache series. It’s not quite a racing scooter, but it’s certainly more sporty than many of them. Ntorq has 9.4 Horsepower, which is more than many scooters in its class. It takes no time to warm up once you start the engine. There is no lag or lack of enthusiasm from the engine. It’s not as lively as Burgman Street, but it packs a powerful punch.

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2. TVS Apache RTR 160

Bike rental in Bangalore
TVS Apache RTR 160

The TVS Apache RTR 160 4V is a capable motorbike, and we’d even go so far as to claim it’s one of the best 160 cc bikes on the market right now. The motorcycle is an all-around package that provides exceptional performance, comfort, and ergonomics. The TVS Apache RTR 160 4V is a thrilling machine. The bike was built based on the company’s racetrack experience, thus the handling is fairly crisp and accurate. The Apache RTR 160 4V is powered by a 159.7 cc single-cylinder oil-cooled engine producing 17.3 bhp and 14.73 Nm and paired to a 5-speed transmission. The engine is fairly lively and operates admirably. The motorcycle’s fit and finish are excellent, whether it’s the paint or the plastic bits. Earlier models included LED DRLs, LED taillamps, and a completely computerised instrument cluster with a plethora of data. LED headlamps are also available on more current models.

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3. TVS iQube

Bike rental in Bangalore
TVS iQube

In a world where technology is continually and rapidly changing, the best moment to acquire an electric scooter is somewhat subjective. Although news about electric vehicles has only lately gone mainstream, research and development to identify solutions and make it a viable option for everyday use has been ongoing for years among numerous manufacturers, including TVS Motor Company. The electric wave has recently begun to make its presence felt in India as a result of a variety of government policies and incentives. Electric vehicles, particularly scooters, have truly captivated people’s imagination, and thanks to technological advancements and government action, you can now own an electric scooter that meets every urban demand.

TVS Motor Company has launched its updated 2022 iQube electric scooter in India. In addition to the base variant, it now has two new variants, S and ST. Among other things, the new 2022 iQube electric scooters include higher capacity battery packs, increased driving range, touchscreen displays, Alexa voice control, and rapid charging.

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4. TVS Jupiter

Bike rental in Bangalore
TVS Jupiter

The TVS Jupiter Classic receives a premium makeover with black mirror highlights, fender garnish, tinted visor, and a 3D black premium logo. Handlebar ends, diamond-cut alloy wheels, and deep dark brown inside panels are also included.

The new variant, in keeping with the motif, has a luxury suede leatherette seat with a backrest. The dial art and decals show the timeless Classic appeal. This model is available in two exclusive colours: Mystic Grey and Regal Purple.

The TVS Jupiter Classic is a modernised take on a premium classic theme. Staying true to the Zyada ka Fayda philosophy, the variation offers the promise of Zyada safety with disc brakes and an engine kill switch, as well as Zyada convenience with an all-in-one lock, USB charger, and pillion back rest, making it a one-of-a-kind product with both style and substance.

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5. TVS Sport 

Bike rental in Bangalore
TVS Sport

TVS Sport is one of India’s most trusted brands. It is a bike with several amenities, making it an appealing alternative for the price range it is available in. The bike also has some excellent performance and comfort characteristics, making it an excellent alternative for people wanting to buy their first bike. The TVS Sport has a linear-pull brake system and hydraulic disc brakes, making it easy to stop in any situation. The bike has an adjustable stem and handlebars, allowing you to find the ideal riding position for your height. The TVS Sport is a commuter motorbike designed with low fuel consumption and cost in mind. The TVS Sport comes in two major variants: kick start and self start, as well as five colour options: black/red, red, white/purple, white/red, and grey. The bike comes standard with a two-pod instrument cluster and LED DRLs in addition to the traditional bulb-type headlamp.

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