Best Bajaj Bikes to rent in 2022

Bajaj bikes have been a pioneer in the Indian market providing quality at a cost-effective price. The robust nature of the bikes is what’s preferred by Indians and till date, there isn’t any competitor that’s willing to match the efficiency of Bajaj bikes.

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So here are the top Bajaj bikes to rent in 2022. l

1. Pulsar 250 dual channel abs

Bike rental in Bangalore
Bajaj Pulsar 250 Dual Channel Abs

I don’t know if you remember but when the Bajaj Pulsar was introduced 20 years ago, the company aired television commercials featuring the bike executing stunts to prove its abilities and proclaim its dominance at the fact that the bike was “Defiantly Male.” Bajaj has opted to update the Pulsar with this, the all-new Bajaj Pulsar N250, which the company claims is the greatest Pulsar ever, twenty years later and following multiple model modifications and updated variants. Without having to mess with the gears, a small flick of the throttle can help with those speedy overtakes in the town.

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This same engine also provides a respectable torque band through all the ratios on open highways, making it possible for a rider to easily cruise at highway speeds.
The only drawback is that on highways, you’ll find yourself wishing for a 6th gear.
In addition, after a long day of riding, the rider will likely become exhausted from the engine vibrations felt through the footpegs and handlebars. The Pulsar 250 really surprised me in this regard.
I anticipated the bike’s overall ergonomics to trend toward the sportier side given that it was advertised as a street racer, but I was pleasantly surprised. The footpeg positioning and handlebar height are both quite comfortable. No matter if you are riding on a city street or a busy highway, you shouldn’t slouch or sit too straight on your bike. The Pulsar 250’s seat cushion is incredibly soft, enabling riders to go for extended periods of time without getting tired. To be perfectly honest, this is one component of the Pulsar 250 that feels a little underwhelming. Other motorcycles in its class offer mobility and connected technology features. Nevertheless, Bajaj has promised that the Pulsar 250 line would undergo additional modifications and additions over the ensuing months, so new technology may become available shortly.

2. Dominar 400

Bike rental in Bangalore
Bajaj Dominar 400

The Bajaj Dominar 400 is a great illustration of something that “gets better with age.” A motorcycle that started off as a potential highway tourer in 2016 had a few flaws that needed to be fixed. Following consideration of user input, Bajaj released the 2019 version, which included a number of changes to smooth off those edges. In the year 2022, Bajaj introduced the upgraded Dominar 400 after hearing additional input. What then is new? .
The Dominar 400 receives several upgrades that Bajaj refers to as “factory-fitted touring equipment.” A tall windscreen, knuckle guards, radiator crash protection, engine sump guard, and an aluminium top box rack are all on the lengthy list.

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Additionally, an aluminum phone mount support has been skillfully fitted around the main LCD screen. A clever USB charger is placed right next to the handlebar. The same 373 cc engine that powers the KTM Duke 390 and RC390 is used. However, significant revisions have been made. It still sports a single-cylinder engine, liquid cooling, a DOHC configuration, and Bajaj’s triple spark technology. Due to the extensive work done by Bajaj, the Dominar’s engine produces slightly less power and torque than the KTM’s, but the torque is now distributed throughout the rev range, making it easier to access than in the case of the KTM, where you must rev the engine to its redline to extract all of that power.

3. Pulsar NS 200

Bike rental in Bangalore
Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

When the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 was first introduced in 2012, it was nothing short of a ground-breaking product. With its sophistication, amiable driving manners, and performance, it gave the Pulsar family a fresh lease on life. Nearly ten years later, the NS200 continues to compete against Bajaj in the crucial 200cc market. Just modest adjustments have been made over the years, and the maker has only recently given it new life through color schemes.

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The engine’s rapid revving is what I enjoy. Almost little vibration is present now, with the exception of a faint buzz from the tank when the engine is running at high revs. Additionally, Bajaj has kept the bike’s brattish exhaust noise, which fits with its purpose as a streetfighter. We have always appreciated the NS200’s dynamics, so it’s not a terrible thing that the frame and foundations are untouched. The stiff suspension improves handling without degrading ride comfort. The brakes have a nice bite and a progressive feel, and ABS isn’t overly intrusive.
The NS200 still has a solid base and the power to put a grin on your face with its handling and performance. The bike will not let you down when you are turning around hills. However, a lot has changed in the market, particularly when you consider competitors.

4. Avenger 220 cruise

Bike rental in Bangalore
Bajaj Avenger 220

The Avenger Cruise 220 is clearly not good at handling, and it wasn’t built to handle bends in the first place. However, it can easily maintain a daily speed of 90 km/h. It originally set out to accomplish that.
The Avenger Cruise 220 is distinctive due to its iconic style, which adheres to cruiser motorcycle lines while also incorporating Bajaj design. The motorcycle has what Bajaj refers to as a “street control handlebar,” which is just a regular handlebar despite what Bajaj claims the design enables for better control over the machine. The Avenger Cruise 220 has fresh graphics, and Bajaj has even updated the Avenger logo. The budget cruiser feels contemporary because to the analog-digital instrument cluster, which is new. The Avenger has always been known for its low-slung, cozy seats, and Bajaj has kept the same design. The Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 is a chrome overload, and we are not kidding when we say that. In fact, it is. The Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 is a budget-friendly option for individuals who envision a cruiser as a low-slung motorbike with a relaxed riding position, a powerful engine, and copious amounts of chrome. With its massive cruiser looks, the Avenger Cruise 220 is a really smart purchase.

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5. Platina 110

Bike rental in Bangalore
Bajaj Platina 110

One of the earliest Bajaj Auto motorcycles designed for a comfortable ride on Indian roads was the Bajaj Platina. The Nitrox suspension for the rear was the one feature Bajaj concentrated on the most as they promoted it for both urban and rural markets. However, when roads began to spread, the corporation had greater plans for the Platina. See whether the change has also made things interesting for us.
The Platina hasn’t seen any significant styling changes. A typical person won’t be able to discern any more differences, despite the addition of new color options and marginally altered artwork. But like the Pulsar logos, the Platina logo is now in three dimensions. The Platina was never equipped with a disc brake, and the seat now sports a ribbed pattern. Even though the bike is relatively ancient, the design is still competitive with today’s commuter motorcycles. The DRL on top of the headlamp is quite brilliant.
The first commuter vehicle to receive a gear-position indicator. The Platina Gear’s ergonomics have been preserved, and everyone may easily access the motorcycle. There are front-set footpegs and an upright seating position. The addition of rib-style cushioning in the seat only results in a 3 mm rise in seat height. The seat is long and wide enough to accommodate two individuals in maximum comfort while providing excellent pillion comfort. The handlebar and the mirrors were also taken on loan, and they successfully serve their utilitarian role.

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The small weight of the motorcycle causes it to tilt rapidly into turns, but the thin 80-section tubeless tires don’t inspire much confidence. The Platina now has an optional 240 mm front disc brake, which increases braking sensation. Additionally, Bajaj includes the Platina anti-skid braking system, which is another name for a combi-braking system, as standard equipment. Since it serves only as a means of transportation, it already has everything it needs, but thanks to the construction of Indian roads, certain locations are now connected by state highways. With the addition of the disc brake and a 5-speed transmission, the Bajaj Platina is a highly economical and accessible workhorse that has a lot to give to the market it serves.

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