Lavonne: a tribute to the bakers and their bittersweet magic

Lavonne Cafe is not just a café you to go to gorge on those finger-licking pastries. The Lavonne academy was first introduced in India in 2012 by Vinesh Johny and his co-founders Avin Thaliath and Lijo Eapean. This academy of pastry arts is affiliated to City and Guilds in London. The core purpose behind Lavonne’s introduction was to initiate pastry making as a mainstream career choice. They even have a delightful patisserie connected to their academy. This cafe bakery offers the most unique and delicious creations by the staff and students at Lavonne. The most premium ingredients are imported from Belgium and France and these ingredients are used to bake these pastries.

Vinesh says, “Back in 2008, when I was a student, I wanted to pursue an advanced-level baking course. At that point in time, we didn’t have anything in India. We had to travel to Australia, Malaysia, or France. So that’s when I released that there was a void in the Indian market, when it comes to teaching pastry making and high-level baking. YourStory, 2016


Past and Present

Vinesh completed his Diploma in Sugar Art and Wedding cake decoration at Feves de Choco Academy of Pastry Fine Arts, Malaysia before opening the Lavonne Academy in Bengaluru. When the academy first started, it had only 3 students. Today, the institute accommodates a larger number of students and is in the midst of an expansion in and around Bengaluru for sure. The institute holds flexible programs for both amateurish and experienced or skilled bakers. It even conducts sessions over weekends for those who wish to take up baking as a hobby. Their aim is to deep dive into the theory and science of baking. They even have international bakers conducting courses at Lavonne


What Lavonne Cafe offers

The Bangalore bakery in Domlur won the esteemed food award for the best patisserie in Bengaluru in 2016. Lavonne is sitting just off Double Road and thus attracts a lot of gastronomers from in and around the city. Tucked away in a quiet space and offering a ‘chill’ atmosphere makes it a great option for people to meet up with their friends or family or work away to glory in a quiet junction. There are not many vehicles zipping around this area. Hence, one can use the outside space, sheltered by trees. This is even more so during evening hours when weather in Bengaluru is exceptionally pleasant and ‘cool’.

The indoor junction of this patisserie offers a very peaceful, cozy ambience with a charmingly ‘lively’ lighting and décor. They are mainly a go to for desserts however their menu also includes sandwiches, baked savouries like puffs and croissants plus they even offer yummilicious beverage selections. The cafe bakery offers a great assortment of superior quality baking accessories such as cutters and rollers that are reasonable and affordable.


The best baking classes in Bangalore

Lavonne Cafe plans to open more cafes not only in India but expand globally as well. According to Vinesh, the other cafes in Bengaluru will be run by students who will be able to gather a holistic experience – from baking to running a business. As of now students attending masterclass at Lavonne academy attain a funded internship in other bakeries. It also enables them to start their own venture.

Our teaching methods are different and a lot of research goes into it. They are also exposed to skills needed in every area of baking. We have students who work in standalone units and in bakeries across the US and Europe. They are not taught to copy a recipe or a design, but have to tap into their creativity and create their own flavours and the look for each dessert. The idea is to teach them to depict their personality on their pastries. That way each dessert looks like a work of an art,” explains Vinesh – Hindu,



Baking is an art, baker is an artist and every dessert created at Lavonne cafe is a luscious opus. So, the dessert selection you see at Lavonne is going to spoil you royally – also you won’t find these sinful sweets anywhere else. The display is simply exquisite and the desserts that the staff and students create, narrates an interesting story of the creator. If you manage to uncover it, write one for the baker!

This weekend – don’t be a sluggish gastronomist! Take your two-wheeler on rent to Lavonne – you will find a parking space quite easily. After all, bikes don’t really require a lot of it! Want to rent a bike? Get in touch with Ontrack, a monthly bike rental company. Sit at Lavonne Cafe and enjoy the most mouth-watering snacks and desserts. Don’t forget to add a refreshing drink to your feast! If you are planning to meet your friends take your sense of humor along and if you are going alone grab a mind-boggling book. I can guarantee you will have a spectacular weekend – even if Lavonne Cafe is all you do! Wishing all of you a gastronomically nourishing weekend!