Buying vs Renting A Bike Or Scooter In India

It hasn’t really been a choice up until recently whether to rent or buy a motorbike. We can all agree on one thing: we all wished we had one extra bike. However, renting a motorbike has just become a possibility. Furthermore, it could not have arrived at a better moment. COVID reawakened the business as individuals resumed their previous passion for riding. So now, if you’re seeking to rent a motorbike, you can ride everything from Bangalore palace to Umaid Bhawan Palace to Leh Ladakh and to several different places. It could be a Ducati Monster, a BMW Adventure, or KTM. Also, Harleys. And don’t forget about triumphs. You get the picture.

But isn’t owning a motorbike simply better? We could then ride whenever and wherever we pleased. We are all delighted to be here but are also immobilized by our opportunities, such as the typical kid in a candy shop.

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Depending on the cost of ownership in your area and the length of your contract, you might end up saving money by renting instead of buying. This is true if you can sell your bike for a fair price before departing your hometown or shifting your house. So, under what conditions should you think about renting a motorbike?

Spending between Rs 70,000/- and Rs 250,000/- is a lot for a cautious new migrant who’s really unsure of how well they would fit in another state. Renting involves less of a financial investment.

Some people may choose to look for a secondhand motorbike instead. Remember that it is impossible to evaluate the seller quickly. Expats often attempt to sell their motorbikes after being in an accident or dealing with bothersome maintenance concerns. Locals routinely list motorcycles for sale online at rates considerably over their actual worth. Buyer beware.

If you purchase a motorbike in Bangalore, you will have many options if it doesn’t meet your expectations and requirements. If you wind up with an untied rope, you’re stuck with it and get captured. The same is valid if you realize the motorbike has less performance than you want or lacks the features you desire.

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Do You Really Save Money?

Yes or maybe no. If you purchase a piece of junk, a cheap old bike that has not been maintained, then probably not. The possibility is that this kind of bike will need maintenance pretty soon and you can wind yourself up paying more than the bike’s worth for this. Additionally, if you suffer a breakdown on the route to work, then you potentially lose wages. Don’t even bring up the difficulty and anxiety! Whenever it comes to selling your bike, you would either lose money or be pushed to sell it to an unwary idiot. Tough choice.

A good bike that is relatively young, say 3 to 4 years old, will probably be trustworthy if you purchase it. Although you should use caution while purchasing costly motorbikes because here, your chances of discovering anything respectable are higher. As long as you maintain the bike’s servicing, which is not difficult to do, you will then probably have trouble-free driving. And when the time comes to sell, you’ll see that there has been a relatively minimal price decline for motorcycles in Bangalore. This is especially true for Hondas, which have a high resale value.

You have several beneficial options while renting a motorbike. If the bike has an issue, it may be fixed or replaced. You have the option to upgrade or downgrade models as you see fit. Any respectable motorbike rental business in Bangalore should meet your requirements and desires. And if they don’t, you can easily end your agreement and switch the company to another shop. There are plenty of motorbike rental businesses in Bangalore.

Why should you hurry into buying? While many motorbike rental businesses ask roughly Rs 3500/- per month for an entry-level motorbike, it may take some time to become comfortable driving in Bangalore. Spend a weekend and get comfortable with the traffic and then determine if you would like to be ready to go traveling. Carry a passenger or two. One must try out different bikes to choose the one that fits you best. The easiest way to determine the qualities you want in a motorbike is to live with one for a month or two.

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Is It Really Less Hassle?

Once again, yes and no. You get what you paid for, just like everything else. There’s a good chance you’ll run into issues if you rent from a low-quality company that attempts to compete by providing the lowest rental price. These shops often sell extremely low-quality motorbikes that are poorly maintained and serviced, and their customer service is horrible. There are plenty of rental companies in Bangalore, so be cautious. Ask your friends, colleagues, neighbors, for a good bike rental service.

If you rent from a respectable, dependable company that provides excellent customer service, you will experience less trouble. You can expect a well-maintained bike from an authentic & genuine business whenever you rent one. There won’t be any paperwork problems. It will get regular maintenance. If there is a mechanical problem, you run into police trouble, theft, an accident, you require directions, etc., you will also get backup help from them. Overall, it’s a relatively simple choice.

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What Factors Should You Consider When Determining Whether To Rent Or Buy A Motorbike?

There are three main factors to think about while considering:

1. Total ownership cost.

2. Preferred riding style.

3. Lifestyle.


Renting a motorbike is often less costly than buying one in practically all circumstances. For instance, a brand-new Harley-Davidson Fat Bob costs ₹18 lakhs – ₹18.2 lakhs or ₹30,000 –  ₹50,000 every month. Once insurance and upkeep are considered, the price might increase each month. Renting a brand-new bike costs, on average, ₹5,000 –  ₹10,000 a day.

You could be asking, “If I ride my bike five days a week, is buying better than renting?” at this point. No, not always. It would be best if you first foresaw how frequently you would bike. Are you really going to bike five days per week or 365 days per year? Living in Bengaluru, we aren’t fortunate enough to have at least two months every year that are suitable for riding because of our busy schedules. Because every two to three days, you must ride your bike before your bike goes into hibernation.

On the other hand, certain places are ideal for riding all year round. Due to the large number of motorbikes, Bengaluru has separate motorbike parking spaces on the streets. Many individuals travel on their motorbikes in these conditions. A rider’s fantasy, indeed.

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Type of riding.

There are not many possibilities for renting motorbikes. Many do not provide cargo bikes or scooters, and none permit off-road riding. If you like riding dirt bikes or want to go off-road with your BMW 1200 GSA, consider renting. However, motorbikes on the market will often suit your demands if you want to go on two wheels and on the pavement.


Do you long for diversity? Do motorbike displays make you sweat and dream for the time when you can purchase the newest ones? Do you usually travel and recite the exact six-word phrase, “I wish I had my bike”? If so, renting is probably your best bet before buying a bike.

Some riders enjoy the benefit of extra space and profit. These bikers can afford to have two types of bikes: a traveling bike for longer rides and a café racer for riding downtown—a dirt bike for off-roading and a race course bike for practice. Buy a new motorbike if you can afford it if you have the money. Or two. Maybe three.

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In addition, if you prefer tinkering with engines, expanding your repertoire of tricks, or adding personal touches to your pride and joy to make it stand out, then you should consider purchasing a motorbike from a dealership in your area. You won’t be able to fulfill your lifestyle requirements with a rental.

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