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Urbanization has changed us in many ways. It has yielded many positive outcomes however it has negatively impacted our day-to-day travel in a big way. I could give you the statistical data but honestly, you don’t need one. Your pair of eyes and personal experiences is enough to validate the traffic conditions and exorbitant modes of transportation in most of the cities in India.

Let me elaborate a wee bit more on this. Uber with its automatic and digitized surge/high-demand peak hour charges alongside our local auto/taxi heroes with their manual ‘every second’ extra charge – we are in for a never-ending personal bankruptcy. The everyday journey from home to work has become extremely painful and at times insufferable.

Thus, to save us from the urban onslaught and for many other significant reasons, motorcycle seems to be one of the best choices for daily city commuting. So, here is why you should not miss out on this opportunity to adopt bike rentals.

#Economical and time saving – quick and reasonable

There are several options when it comes to transportation – metro, bus, taxi, Uber, autos, bicycle, bikes. They all come with their pros and cons. Today’s horrific traffic condition really doesn’t leave any suffering soul with an easier option. This is even more dramatically exhausting if your work is more than 5 km away. Either the transport option is very time consuming or comes with explosive fares.

This is where, amongst all the choices, renting out a bike is definitely more economical and time-saving. You don’t need to pay the digitized or manual ‘extra surge’ charges and you don’t need to waste time waiting for Uber or autos or even buses. You become the master of time.

#Surpasses the nasty weather conditions

Standing in the rain looking for the ecstatic auto guys (who can now outshine the Uber guys) or waiting for your cab driver to cross all ‘touchy’ puddles and undefeatable traffic to get to you. Not to forget you end up paying almost a 3-meal pocket money for this one ride. Which situation is more ideal? You rather call in sick or take a work from home. On days like these, we have almost always questioned ourselves – what is the point of even living? Yes, nightmarish traffic can have this ‘dramatic’ effect on us.

Bikes don’t let you down on rainy days – of course as long as you are wearing your protective waterproof suit. You can swim through the traffic and not only get to the office on time but also don’t even need to ‘surge charge’ yourself. It’s about time you start enjoying the rainy weather rather than question it.

#Meditative and definitely a healthier choice

When I say healthy, I don’t mean physically but ‘mentally’. Bike riding is perceived to be meditative by many. It involves a complete focus of mind and body on the activity. The mind is so engaged in riding that it doesn’t tend to wander. It kind of brings a softer tone of ‘mindfulness’, which is indeed good to keep one centered and prepared for a long workday. Researchers have beautifully displayed how the mind has a direct impact on our body. This decodes that riding is both mentally and physically a healthier route for us.

#It is ‘green’ in nature

Making an environmental point – bikes are a greener choice. It comes with the most minimal environmental costs in comparison to cars and even autos. The emissions are lower and it uses less fuel than cars. They take up less space on the road as well as for parking. Parking is a big factor for many reasons – driving around looking for a free spot can not only be time-consuming but you also end up wasting gas. Though it doesn’t impact the environment in an exuberant way, won’t harm us to be a bit compassionate towards our Mother Nature.

Bike Rental in Bengaluru

#Finally, freedom, fun, and adventure to a mind-numbingly monotonous workday

Whether you are a first-time rider or been for a while now, you must agree that riding is fun. For passionate bike riders, the common slogan is – it sets you free. Bike riding to work can spice up your day by adding the fun and adventurous elements. As you make your everyday journey from home to work and vice versa – it can add the much needed ‘thrill’ to your tedious and dreary workdays. Now, who doesn’t want that?

Bikes are indeed a great choice for city commuters. Not to forget, the rented ones are even greater. You don’t have to worry about making that huge investment to get these awesome benefits. You also own the flexibility of choosing a different option; after all it isn’t a long-term commitment but definitely a superb alternative.

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