‘Pondicherry, very tenderly known as Pondy, is one of the most relaxing and alluring destinations to cover. To make the most of it plan a trip over a weekend. It is perceived to be an ideal place to enjoy the French aesthetics and the scenic Bay of Bengal. The travel from Bangalore to Pondicherry is approximately 311 kms. This is through Krishnagiri NH7 and Thiruvannamalai NH66. However, one can even take a longer route, that is around 375 kms. A slightly more comfortable route through Vellore NH46 and Thindivanam NH66

French colony Pondicherry

Pondicherry, once under colonial rule until 1954, has a variety to offer. It is one of the most set apart cities showcasing intense influences of the French culture. It has a few beautiful beaches in corners of the town and the most mesmerising heritage structures. If you feel connected to spirituality or religion in any way, you can visit the religious places as well.\r\n<h3><strong>

Things to do in Pondicherry

Beauty is in the eye of a rider. Biking your way through kilometers from the point between Bangalore to Pondicherry can change the way you perceive things. You get to tap into the emotional pleasures of a different reality altogether, before you even reach the city. The journey to Pondy has quite a bit to offer and traveling via bike can ensure that you get to taste the maximum flavours. If riding via Krishnagiri, you can stop at Saravana Bhavan or Adayar Anand Bhavan for a meal. You can then proceed to either Vellore or Thiruvannamalai. Take Thiruvannamalai only if you feel like visiting the Ramana Maharishi Ashram and Arunachaleshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This town also has a lot of places to eat at so you won’t go hungry! If going via Vellore, you can visit the very famous Golden Temple.

Pondicherry attractions

Before I forget, the two touristy places in Pondicherry that you definitely must cover are Aurobindo Ashram and the Auroville. People come from different parts of the world to visit the two,  you must too. Whether you like to explore different kinds of food/delicacies or not, you must try the blend of cuisines that Pondy has to offer. If you want to tap a part of the French legacy, ride to Xtasi Pizza. You could even go for the authentic lip-smacking south Indian food from masala dosa to Kadugu Yerra (vegetable curry), a delicious local delicacy.

Mode of Travel

There are a few common modes of mounting this distance between Bengaluru to Pondy. The options are  bus, car, train and if you love flying or have this undying ‘spending’ urge then flight also is a great option. However, one of the most exceptional and ‘one you will never regret’ choice is ‘motorcycle’. Riding around the city on a bike is definitely not the same as traveling long distances with it. When making a trip, the traffic scenes are way more scattered and riding for longer hours is not as terrifying. Sure, it can get a bit tiring but by planning the trip in the right way with enough breaks can make the journey worth every penny.

To burn out the calories and feel good about yourself, take part in the Pondi Cycle Tour or Wake up Pondy tour. You get to cycle around the city discovering and exploring the various facets of the city in the most unique ways. This gives you the chance to be a part of the sustainable tourism promotion. You even get the ‘real’ feel of the city.

Pondicherry sightseeing on a bike

Taking the motorcycle for road trips is a different experience altogether. Ian Chadwick, blogger and an author amongst few other professions talks about riding a bike in the most enigmatic ways. In short, humans are losing their awareness to impatience and tireless living. Riding provides a window to bringing back the much needed awareness to life. Riding helps in forming a stronger connection with nature, breathing in the life, colours and fragrance. Piece by piece or in this case kilometer by kilometer to get to enjoy and capture every moment.

The trip to Pondy on a motorcycle is the most affordable choice you can make. There’s enough and more to capture in this entire journey. The bike journey can make your 2-3 days trip more explorative, exciting and adventurous. Hence, getting to the city itself becomes an adventure when you take the bike


From hibernating on the beaches to becoming a glutton for two days. Then trying variety of cuisines to cycling to studying or clicking the heritage structures. This and more to make the most of this vibrantly lovely place on your bike! So what is stopping you from conquering this epic road trip? Rent your bike from Ontrack, monthly bike rentals company. Ride away to triumph adventure, exploration and a thrilling experience. We offer an expansive range of two wheelers on rent in Bangalore. For your next bike hire connect with us and learn more about our bike rental services.