Pyramid Valley: where chaos meets nirvana

Pyramid Valley: a place you go to seek calmness through meditation.

Meditation; because Google doesn’t have an answer to everything. Meditation is cool and trendy. It is what the stressed souls are adopting to seek calmness, serenity and inner peace. Mindfulness and meditation is no longer an activity only for the yogis or gurus. It is for the not so ‘elevated’ human who needs some bit of peace.

This shift in the mindset – a healthy mind leads to a healthy body – is pushing people around the globe to use techniques such as meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises to find inner peace. Of course, there are meditation apps (Clam, Insight Timer etc.) that allows one to meditate at home, that is in the comfort of their space. However, how can we compare that to being in a place that offers us the ‘old-age’ way to get into a meditative state? The one that involves retrospection and delving into our inner selves.

Pyramid Meditation Centre – one of the seven wonders of Bangalore

There are many such places in Bengaluru but one such very ‘reachable’ destination is Pyramid Valley or Maitreya Buddha Pyramid. What online resources tell us is that a pyramid is a powerful structure. If we keep a razor blade inside a pyramid then the qualities of a blade will get more magnified. The blade will get sharper and longer lasting. Now imagine the impact on our minds and bodies when in the presence of this massive and mystical structure.

Pyramid meditation centre is far away from the chaos and excitement that a city life offers. Every corner of this place is ideal to completely relax your mind and body – the ‘yogi’ way. Imagine a yogi with headphones – meditating. Funny right? I know. Hence, Pyramid Valley, a place amidst the rocky hills and surrounded by lush green gardens!

The History

The Pyramid Valley International Bangalore was created by Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India). It took nearly four years to build this delightful structure. This pyramid is 102-ft tall with a base area of 160×160-ft. The builders used the architectural principles of the Giza Pyramid in Egypt and oriented in the North – South direction. The online resources confirm that around 5,000 people can meditate in this pyramid.

Mr. Prasad who is the trustee and director of Pyramid Valley International spoke of this Pyramid with great enthusiasm with Bangalore Best. “The intense energy and the stillness of the place is penetrating. Pyramids are storehouses of energy. The geometric design collects, radiates and stores cosmic energy. When meditation done inside a pyramid or underneath it is known as Pyramid Meditation and hence it is thrice more powerful than normal meditation. The pyramids help reduce the level of stress and tension in the physical body, a must in today’s world.” Currently, the Maitreya Pyramid is open 18 hours a day.

The ambience and inner workings

They say Pyramid Valley Bangalore is the world’s largest pyramid. The outer layer of the pyramids consists of forty thousand tiles. It has beautiful murals that showcase various elements of nature. The north depicts air, south the fire, east depicts water while west represents earth. In the interiors, there is a grand collection of paintings and art work of Buddha. The King’s Chamber has been constructed at the core of the pyramid at one-third of the height.

The spiral and vibrant King’s Chamber is the most energetic spot of the Pyramid and it stands 34ft tall. This Pyramid Valley can accommodate 40 people at a time for meditation. Over 640 natural Himalayan crystals are fitted inside the pyramid meditation hall to amplify the Pyramid’s energy and help achieve a more profound spiritual experience.

The route to serenity

Getting to Pyramid Valley International isn’t tough at all! You will come across enough signboards displaying the distance to the valley. Once inside the pyramid, they expect ‘complete’ silence, hence children below 6 years aren’t allowed. If you are new to meditation, they provide a short introduction on the subject. If you wish to learn more about spirituality or meditation, you can browse through books in a bookshop located in the premises.

This miraculous creation is located around Kanakapura road in South Bangalore. It is around 35 kilometres from the city Railway Station or Majestic Bus stand. It is around 26 KM far from Banashankari Bus stand and about 17 kilometres from BMIC/NICE Road.


People speak of pyramids have a special healing and conservation powers. They say, it has the ability to preserve foods and improve health. Obviously, they haven’t been verified so we still don’t know how true they are! Nevertheless, visiting a place that radiates peace and calmness (qualities very hard to find in a chock-a-block city like Bengaluru) and is not a very tough distance to cover, is a must for the ‘tranquil’ seekers. So, if life and the load of baloney it offers has got you down, ride away to a place that can hypnotize you with its serenity and placidness.’