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Introducing a new hassle-less way to purchase two wheeler. 

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It’s no secret, the rent culture is changing the transportation system. We are here to help you get ahead! Experience the convenience in travelling and accomplish more everyday with Ontrack. Rent a two-wheeler and travel daily in a whole new way!


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Go from a chaotic start to your day to a hassle-free one with bike rental in Bangalore. Travelling done right, finally!

When ‘free’ is the new way to be – you see it, you want it, you rent it and this is where bike rental in Bangalore takes the trophy! Today it’s all about ‘experiencing’ it. Do you know how simple it is to experience a motor vehicle? All you have to do is get a scooty on rent from a bike rental company and ride aways ...

A bill was passed in 1997 to permit the launch of bike rental. Today, option to get two-wheelers for rent is the new trend and a more economical model to drive around on a regular basis. Its affordable and a very effective mode of traveling through excessively clogged roads… After all, the movement on congested roads is all about controlled speed.

Apart from the fact that an automobile vehicle can take you places – on the road and in your mind, monthly bike rental in Bangalore comes with multiple benefits. Especially in a country like India, commuting on a bike is lucrative in so many ways. If you are a biker, you probably already know of the endless benefits! Let’s take our beloved Bangalore for example – commuters are always hustling and bustling in the midst of a chaotic traffic environment. Every turn you take, you are hit with a chockablock. This is where riding a two-wheeler for rent becomes more convenient, easy, swift and of course a ‘reasonable’ alternative.

A new wheeled vehicle is pricey – and for those who are cash-strapped or lack access to credit don’t have the option to purchase the bike. But this is where two-wheeler for rent in Bangalore can give them the flexibility to experience the bike ride and make their everyday travel hassle-free, cost-effective and fun.

Of course, pedaling the bicycle is another way to travel, however a cycle won’t be fast enough. The kind of snarled up traffic scenes that we face in this city is quite unnerving. This is why a two-wheeler is a great option – it is swift and enough to ride through the stuffed roads.


How do you counter these daily travel nightmarish stories? We have very simple solutions for you!

Just be self-reliant and use a motor vehicle to travel. It can be a road bike, a mountain bike – as long as it is a ‘safety bike’! It will not allow you to avoid the congestion mayhem but at least you won’t need to pay extra money for those peak hours (that now seems to be a round-the-clock affair) and you won’t need to wait for your ride to arrive. Of course, again, as mentioned before, it is not reasonable to purchase a car or any automotive vehicle for that matter. You not only need to pay heavily to own them but it also requires that minimum expense every month to maintain them. This is where bike rentals in Bangalore like ours, Ontrack, have come up with a more ‘practical’ alternative for you. We have designed an online monthly bike rental concept that allows you to lease the bike on a monthly basis. Our primary aim is to make a day-to-day commuter’s travel hours and experience – convenient, cost-effective and more constructive – also productive in many ways! Bike for rent in Bangalore is a very novel idea and we want to make this ‘unique’ experience as stimulating and as rewarding as possible. All you need to do is go online and grab a bike on rent

Again, bike rentals in Bangalore isn’t the only option available. If your affinity for cars is huge, then you can always rely upon self-drive car companies or on rent-a-car or as they call it car rentals.

The options are endless! All you need to do is choose that one alternative that works for you.

Why Ontrack is the best bike rentals in Bangalore?

Ontrack, a monthly bike rental in Bangalore, allows you to temporarily own the bike on a monthly basis. You get to ride it as long as you keep clearing the monthly payments. Bike rentals in Bangalore is a less expensive option to ‘possessing’ bikes and travel in a more affordable way. If you are looking for a more hassle-free and affordable way of traveling to different places, search for ‘bike rentals near me’ and choose a motorcycle rental Bangalore that fit your needs.

Letting a bike is easy!

Want to get a scooty on rent but confused about which one to pick from Ontrack, Monthly Bike Rental Bangalore? Conduct a thorough research on ‘bike rental near me’ and pick a bike rental and bike that fits your personality and can take you places.

Ontrack, bike rentals in Bangalore, offers both gear and gearless two wheelers for rent in Bangalore. Both the segments for rent in Bangalore offer unique set of features. Find out which one from bike rentals in Bangalore justifies your commuting requirements and take it on rent from our monthly bike rental Bangalore.

Ontrack: it’s in the name. There is transformation happening in transportation. Can you feel it?

Tired of cabs and autos cancelling on you? Being judged for the location you want to go to? Waiting for endless minutes before your ride or bus arrives? Hate being stuck in traffic for long hours? Here’s the deal! No more work from home. No more cancelling appointments. No more waiting for your ride to arrive. Bike hire in Bangalore is here to save your day! We think about your everyday travel solutions so you don’t need to.

Whether you are looking for a cheap bike rental in Bangalore or the best bike rental in Bangalore, if you want it – you can have it!

Here is how you can travel faster, cheaper and smarter with us.


ZERO SECURITY DEPOSIT -You don’t need to pay any security deposit to rent our motorcycle. Just keep paying the monthly subscription amount and ride away!

PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE– We deliver the bike to your doorstep and pick it up once you decide to terminate the bike rental subscription. Of course, there is a small feel for the same but we are happy to do it for you! We are awesome that way!

UNLIMITED KM– Freedom and Independence are the gospel truths of riding and renting. Ontrack honors it by offering unlimited kilometers on all its two-wheelers for rent in Bangalore. Go anywhere you want to go without worrying about the distance!

FREE MAINTENANCE– Need to get your wheeled vehicle serviced? Now it’s only a few clicks away. We will do it for free and at your preferred location! Just place a request for service online and our service team will handle it for you.

INSURANCE COVERED– We offer commercial comprehensive insurance for every two-wheeler on rent and this comes with no hidden or extra costs!

HELMET – We provide the basis ISI helmets. Your safety is our priority! Whether you ride a mountain bike, road bike or town bike or dirt bike or any other kind of a bike – Don’t forget to ride safe, that one is on you!

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE– Minor breakdowns got you down? We address this at a special cost. Now you know why we are indeed one of the best bike rentals in Bangalore.