electronic city

The concept of Electronic City was initiated and developed by R. K. Baliga, the first Chairman and Managing Director of Keonics. His purpose was to make Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India and that’s how Electronic City came into existence. In 1978, Keonics established Electronic City on 332 acres of land in Konappana Agrahara and Doddathogur villages. Today, Electronic City is an outsourcing capital of the world.

Electronic City is located in South Bangalore on NH-7. It is the biggest industrial park in Bangalore spread over 800 acres has 3 phases – Phase I, Phase II and Phase III. The whole area has been divided as Electronic city East and Electronic city West. With the growth of IT industry, this area has seen huge developments in the last few years. Today it is an IT hub with a home to innumerable MNC’s such as Infosys, TCS, BHEL, and Wipro et al dominating the sector. As per online research, there are over 300 companies and a workforce of around 1,00,000. There are several educational institutions and renowned hospitals that have come up in this sector. Many reputed builders have constructed residential buildings in the past few years. This zone still continues to grow.

Electronic City is surrounded by all the amenities and conveniences like departmental stores – Nilgiris/Hypermarket, prominent shopping brands and malls like Gem Arcade and MMR shopping complex, food chains like Barbeque Nation, banks, multi-specialty clinics and even fast food outlets like KFC, Dominos etc.

These changes and expansions have made EC very popular. People have become quite interested in buying flats in this region. However, though these advances have been great for Bangalore, over the last few years EC has become immensely crowded and anarchic. The roads have become extremely choked with people zipping in and out in countless transports throughout the day. There are many transport alternatives available today and the roads in EC seem to be getting more and more clogged/polluted every day. As per an article online, even with newer modern and cleaner inventions of vehicle/fuel, we are at a loss as the number of automobiles is increasing at a dramatic level.

Electronic City is crammed most of the time during the day. Both weekdays/weekends is jam-packed with people swarming in and out of work, malls, and restaurants. Even shorter commutes can take ages and is quite tiring. People, in fact, have to think twice before venturing out into the urban jungle. Taking cabs or autos around electronic city comes with heavy costs due to traffic. It gets worse on rainy days. In an interview with The News Minute, a resident living in the area says, “To reach this place one has to take the road to hell and when it rains one can also opt to swim. During heavy rains, the area gets flooded and it just turns into a pond for close to 24 hours,” Imagine the entire road of EC being cramped up for hours with auto rickshaws, cars and buses desperately honking at each other trying to escape the manic situation. However, each day we find everyone braving through it, hoping to come out alive.

Commuters are constantly trying to tap into solutions to make their day-to-day travel simpler and somewhat calmer. Riding two-wheelers on rent every day to work around areas like Electronic City is one of the best options that can be added to the huge laundry list of things can be done for a smoother commute. Daily travelers find it easier to take their two-wheelers instead of cars. According to research/surveys online, many households have both cars and two-wheelers. They rarely take their cars out– its expensive, time consuming and parking is tough. Two-wheelers are way easier to maneuver around, park and pocket-friendly. However, purchasing a two-wheeler can be a costly affair.

A bill was passed in 1997 to permit the launch of bike rentals. Today, the option to get two-wheelers for rent is the new trend and a more economical model to drive around on a regular basis. It’s affordable and a very effective mode of traveling through excessively clogged roads… After all, the movement on congested roads is all about controlled speed.

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