Republic day

                                                 EXUBERATE YOUR SOUL THIS REPUBLIC DAY!

Republic Day is dependably an extraordinary event for each Indian which is praised in India on 26 January consistently. The day denotes the power of the nation, as on this day in 1950 the Constitution of India was embraced. The mark festivity of the occasion is the Republic Day Parade, which is held in the capital city, New Delhi. At this day, a national occasion is pronounced by the Indian Government.


Our constitution is the longest written constitution in the world, which gave us the foundation of a new and progressing India. It laid out the common rules and regulations for each individual to follow, gave us a sense of guarantee & safety that no matter what happens, we will be protected, it taught us to live a disciplined life and always be united.


Also, to mention, bike parade carried out on this auspicious day signifies a long story. The individuals doing such stunts are one of trade assigned to the Indian army soldiers, called Dispatch Riders. It is back in those days when the telecommunications were insecure and limited, these riders play a very vital role and even to this day, they do. They were and still are dispatched by the armed forces to deliver urgent orders and messages between headquarters and military units.

Republic Day

and military units.

This 69th Republic Day will be creating history, as it is going to be another first for women. A recently raised all-lady bikers unforeseen of the Border Security Force (BSF) will make its introduction on Rajpath on January 26. The 27-member BSF ‘thrill seekers’ will draw cheers as they will feature their tricks and trapeze artistry on their 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet bikes. Their squad has been named ‘Seema Bhavani’.


Diverse individuals commend this uncommon day in an unexpected way. For a bikerin any case, there is just a single method to stamp every Republic Day – with a ride. On top of all, inspiring stories like ‘Dispatch Riders’ and ‘Seema Bhavani’ moves a biker’s soul. One feels the sense of belongingness to his/ her two-wheeler and wants to travel more.


But amongst the rush to ride, one should never forget the basic rules of riding. An individual should always keep in mind the constitutional rules and regulations while riding. One should always be disciplined, follow rules, ensure safety of other riders on the street, look-out for the pedestrians and no matter how tempting those stunts look on the television screen, should never practice or perform them on the streets.

Republic Day

Now that, we have the motivation to ride, let us make this Republic Day a memorable for us to remember it in years. Enjoy watching the breath-taking grandeur celebrated in National Capital Delhi and later, march out to your bike and those who don’t own one, rent a two-wheeler, get your engine roaring, either be part of a group or travel independently. But all in all, few important things to be kept in mind is to be disciplined, ride with unity, ride fearlessly and most importantly to respect the constitutional guidelines.