Bike Riding: is an individual persona and passion

Riding a bike easily transforms into being anybody’s piece of character. The sort of  vehicle one rides, the accessories that go with it, the picked destination, regardless of whether the rider opts to ride solo or be one among the pack, the course taken to achieve the endpoint, span of the adventure, each little thing demonstrates something about the person. In any case, the deep yearning and love that one needs to ride, is simply incomparable to any other feeling.


Talk to bikers and they tell you that bikes have souls. They can feel the life in the core of the vehicle when they begin the motor and hear it roar. Ever watched the motion picture Ghost Rider? The devil picks the best of all riders who are immensely attached to their rides. Don’t we as a whole, feel like we are our own Johnny Blaze?


One fine morning, when we simply have a craving for leaving on a long ride, we just wear our jackets, put on our gloves and boots, pick the helmet and keys up and get on our bikes. We just go off on that impromptu ride by ourselves. The adrenaline rush that kicks in when the throttle is twisted gives us goosebumps. The vibe is simply inexplicable.


The breathtaking views we take in while riding in hilly or mountainous regions, when we are surrounded by lush greenery or pass by lakes, stopping by to capture the moments, our minds are in the state of peace and this frame of mind is just irrevocable. The wind strikes on our faces, we let the dust settle down on us and accelerate anyway to increase the rush of adrenaline. Sunshine falls on us, we ride in the light drizzle or in the morning fog, paying attention to the gentle noise made by the bike. The pleasant smell of petrichor, the freshness of trees and the taste of morning dew and dust, makes it all worth it.


We glide our way through to the destination, either making the journey count more than the destination or letting the journey be a catalyst in making the endpoint memorable. Our senses are magnified, we grow wings and fly in freedom along the lean angles. We breathe in every moment and think about absolutely nothing. We live in the present, letting go of the past to be a memory and considering the future to be an illusion.


While we enjoy these solo rides, we love the planned group rides too. Sitting with the pack, deciding on the go-to place, starting off together, being surrounded with people, bonding with them, enjoying the company, capturing moments, exchanging rides and having fun. Such long and tiring journeys do not feel so exhausting when travelled with groups. We stop for some tea or good food, meet new people, indulge in long conversations and such small things makes it all so memorable when we remind ourselves of the amazing times later on.


Travel is inevitable. But, when we do make sure to enjoy the hustle, it is one of the best things ever. It broadens our horizons, makes us self aware, helps us get along with different people, accept changes, develop new perspective and value our existing assets and what better means to travel than riding a bike? So, go ahead and be your own Knight Rider!


Making sure your bike is okay, feeding it with fuel and taking care of it is all a part of the hustle. Like Valentino Rossi says, ” The most important thing is to have a good relationship with the bike. You have to understand what she wants.” Wherever we go becomes a part of us and bikes make this possible. Bike riding truly is an individual’s persona and passion, isn’t it?