Cutting-Edge Technology in Avenger 220 Cruise

The Avenger 220 Cruise 2023 is not just a cruiser motorcycle with a striking design and powerful performance; it also comes loaded with cutting-edge technology to enhance the overall riding experience. Bajaj Auto has incorporated modern features that cater to the needs of today’s tech-savvy riders, making the Avenger 220 Cruise 2023 a perfect blend of classic charm and futuristic innovation. Let’s explore the cutting-edge technology that sets this cruiser apart from the rest.

1. Touchscreen Instrument Cluster

One of the standout features of the Avenger 220 Cruise 2023 is its user-friendly touchscreen instrument cluster. The motorcycle’s console houses a bright and responsive touchscreen display that provides riders with essential ride information at a glance. With just a touch, riders can access details such as speed, fuel level, trip meter, odometer, and more.

The intuitive interface of the touchscreen instrument cluster ensures that riders can stay informed without taking their eyes off the road, contributing to a safer and more convenient riding experience.

2. Smartphone Integration

In today’s connected world, staying connected while on the move is essential. The Avenger 220 Cruise 2023 caters to this need with its smartphone integration feature. Riders can sync their smartphones to the motorcycle’s console, allowing them to access various functions of their smartphones directly from the instrument cluster.

With smartphone integration, riders can use navigation apps for seamless turn-by-turn directions, receive call alerts and message notifications, and even control their music playlist, all while keeping their hands on the handlebars and their focus on the road.

3. LED Lighting

The Avenger 220 Cruise 2023 embraces modern lighting technology with its LED lighting system. The motorcycle features LED headlights that provide superior illumination and visibility during nighttime rides. LED lights are not only brighter but also consume less power, contributing to increased fuel efficiency.

Additionally, LED technology is incorporated into the taillights and turn indicators, ensuring that the Avenger 220 Cruise 2023 remains visible to other road users, enhancing overall safety.

4. Engine Technology

The heart of the Avenger 220 Cruise 2023, the 220cc DTS-i engine, is a testament to Bajaj Auto’s expertise in engine technology. The engine is equipped with Digital Twin Spark Ignition (DTS-i) technology, which optimizes fuel combustion for improved power delivery and fuel efficiency.

This advanced engine technology ensures that riders experience smooth acceleration, reduced vibrations, and excellent performance across varying riding conditions.

5. Dual-Channel ABS

Safety is a paramount concern, and the Avenger 220 Cruise 2023 addresses this with its advanced braking system. The motorcycle is equipped with a dual-channel ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), which prevents wheel lock during sudden braking situations.

The ABS enhances braking efficiency and provides better stability, giving riders the confidence to maneuver through challenging road conditions with ease.

6. Tubeless Tyres

The Avenger 220 Cruise 2023 comes fitted with tubeless tires, adding another layer of safety to the motorcycle. Tubeless tires are less prone to sudden deflation, reducing the risk of tire blowouts while offering improved grip and handling on the road.

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7. Engine Kill Switch

An additional safety feature of the Avenger 220 Cruise 2023 is the engine kill switch. In emergency situations, riders can quickly turn off the engine with a single press, ensuring better control over the motorcycle and preventing potential mishaps.


The Avenger 220 Cruise 2023 is a testament to Bajaj Auto’s commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology into its motorcycles. The combination of a touchscreen instrument cluster, smartphone integration, LED lighting, advanced braking system, and other innovative features ensures that riders enjoy a safe, convenient, and connected ride on this stunning cruiser. With the Avenger 220 Cruise 2023, technology seamlessly merges with timeless design, creating a motorcycle that stands out in both style and performance.

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