Bike Rental in Bangalore

Bangalore is referred as the “Silicon Valley of India” because of its role as the nation’s leading IT exporter and to survive in this city, effective transportation is necessary. Not a single day transpires without us taking our vehicles out for a spin. Be it corporate or college, everyone needs to spend a good deal of time on wheels so you might as well enjoy it. Again, this depends on your moyen de transport. We spend a lot on our transport on a daily basis, and an alternate solution to the problem is bike-rental. There are many companies in the bike-rental market providing hourly, daily or weekly rentals. But Ontrack unlike other rentals, offers bikes on a monthly basis(Monthly bike rental).

One can rent a bike at Ontrack for an entire month with approximately the same amount of money you’d be spending on an hourly rental for a week. Plus, you get to keep your vehicle for the entire 24 hours! So if you feel like a midnight rendezvous, there’s nothing stopping you.

Ontrack in addition to being affordable is very transparent. It covers your insurance and also provides you with a helmet. It’s hassle free and presents you with a myriad of bikes to choose from.

We believe that renting a bike at Ontrack is beneficial in many ways.

  • Zero Security Deposit: We at Ontrack do not believe in putting a hole in our customer’s pockets. All we believe in is trust and complete transparency between our customers. We aim at giving each of customer the freedom from financial glitches.
  • Maintenance included: We understand how hectic life can be. One deserves to spend their life doing what they love to do. To ensure this, we provide door-step servicing and maintenance of the vehicles.
  • No hidden costs: What you see is what you pay. Our pricing includes all costs such as basic cost, servicing, insurance and all taxes.
  • Option to switch: We provide our customers an option to switch their existing vehicle with any other vehicle of their own choice. We give our customer the freedom to pick any vehicle from the different models available.
  • No lock-in: We do not burden our customers with lock-in. Individual is free to rent a bike for any number of months. We ensure a hassle-free opt-out service, allowing the customer to return the bike any time.

So what is holding you up then? Get Ontrack now!