Best Royal Enfield bikes to rent in 2022

Royal Enfield bikes are the most popular bikes in India. They are the best for long-distance journeys or leisure rides.

The company manufactures a range of motorbikes that are designed for different purposes, from commuting to long-distance touring.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the best Royal Enfield bikes that you can rent in 2022. These bikes will be perfect for all your needs and will not burn a hole in your pocket!

So why rent over buy? That too Royal Enfield bikes which are made like a gun and go like a bullet. Not everything in our world is affordable for everyone. After the pandemic, bike prices are skyrocketing, making it exceedingly difficult for bike lovers to make their bikes their companions. The Royal Enfield is not at all regarded as a bike; rather, it is nearly like a partner for every bike enthusiast out there. If you love riding bikes but can’t afford to buy one, no problem—just rent one and go. While a single bike ownercan only ride his bike, you can hire a variety of bikes for various uses and enjoy riding on your own.

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If you want to rent a Royal Enfield bike, you should look at these models: Classic 350, Himalayan, Continental GT 650 Twin spark, and Interceptor 650 Twin Spark.

1. Classic 350  :

Bike rental in Bangalore
Royal Enfield Classic 350

As it has been reborn, the All-New Classic 350 maintains the customs and craftsmanship of the past. Inspired by the positive feedback from enthusiasts, designers, and retailers, they have introduced this new version of the iconic model.

Since its introduction in 1957, The All-New Classic 350 has been a favorite of motorcycle lovers around the world. Now, with more power and a lighter frame, it’s more desirable than ever.

This is not just a motorcycle. It’s a symbol that carries on an American tradition of craftsmanship and innovation that started over 60 years ago.

The 2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a perfect example of how the company has managed to create a balance between the old and the new. It features a modern design with an old-school feel and offers many features that will appeal to both experienced riders as well as those who are just starting.

The 2021 Classic 350 are tranquilizers that make you feel as though someone is applying an ice pack to your head to calm you down. Putting aside anatomical improbabilities, my time on Royal Enfield’s most significant new bike in years has been a thoroughly leisurely and peaceful experience.

But thus far, the most pleasurable bike rides have occurred when there isn’t any traffic. Usually, when I’m driving through Bangalore at night, I indulge my need for speed, choosing the shortest route to the fewest well-paved roads possible and, well, you know. But for the Classic, I’ve been leaving the house with merely the intention of riding and no specific destination in mind. And the riding has been leisurely, healing, and protracted.

I can’t even remember how many times I’ve come to the lane leading to my house but decided against turning into it because I wanted to keep riding. even though I constantly have a bothersome (but very helpful) service indicator blinking at me. On a bike that gives you the impression that you are the king of the road, why wouldn’t you?

Tweaks? A few are present. It’s a good thing the engine is tractable because the clutch is so heavy. In stop-and-go traffic, my left hand isn’t the happiest trooper while operating a big lever that is a little farther away than I’d like. Adjustability would have been quite pleasant in this situation because the brake lever is similarly large and far-reaching; at this price point, it is most definitely justified.

Overall, the Classic 350 has been a haven of peace and has adapted admirably to the concrete jungle.

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2. Himalayan

Bike rental in Bangalore
Royal Enfield Himalayan

Few motorcycles stand out among the hundreds of various motorbike models in the world as being truly unique—motorcycles that reject comparison and demand they define themselves. Such a motorcycle is the Royal Enfield Himalayan from 2022. The Himalayan is an interesting ride even though it is advertised as a back-to-basics adventure bike. This year, Royal Enfield made just minor updates to the Himalayan. We can use the Himalayan for both our road riding and off-roading pastimes, as is common knowledge.

You are not moving quickly. The Himalayan won’t be jumped, and you won’t drift it more than a few inches in corners. There are no power settings, and traction control and wheelie control are not necessary. Making the most of the Himalayan’s advantages is key to riding it well; avoid trying to change it to fit your viewpoint. While it is true for all motorcycles, it is especially important for the Himalayan because of its peculiarities.

The Himalayan will take you around town nicely as long as you can tolerate the gradual acceleration. Even though it won’t be quite as agile as a little scooter, it will nonetheless accelerate more quickly. It gets about 60 mpg with a four-gallon gasoline tank, though, and is a comfortable vehicle that can navigate traffic with ease. The racks also increase their urban functionality.

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3. Continental GT 650 Twinspark

Bike rental in Bangalore
Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twinspark

The GT650 is the first motorcycle I have ever owned that has given me complete confidence to ride a two-wheeler on a busy highway without giving it a second thought. I have driven a variety of high-end and performance motorcycles, but the GT650 is unique because it is a mobile power plant. Because of the way it is designed and constructed, how it looks, and how loud it is on the road, it redefines what a motorbike is.

The Continental GT650 is based on a motorbike with a cafe-racer aesthetic, therefore its primary Heritage is its vintage appearance. It has a straightforward round headlamp, and a tachometer with a very plain design, and it stands next to you as the purest and most authentic type of motorbike. The item we received was British Racing Green, which is a fantastic color for a motorcycle. The GT Twin symbol, distinctive and attractive fuel tank design, attractive dual exhaust pipes, rear design, and halogen headlamps are the hallmarks of the Continental GT650’s design.

The motorcycle’s construction quality will become apparent when you are in the riding position. You would completely disconnect from the outside world the instant you began using this machine and enter a unique space. You have the impression that you have suddenly gained new abilities and great power. When you decelerate, the GT650’s engine makes an incredible amount of noise that sounds like a jet.

I now realize the purpose of the motorcycle’s weight, which is to keep you steady, moving, and moving when you are in this particular riding style. On some excellent surfaces that connect the airport, I rode this motorcycle. I have never encountered a curve that I did not like. You get the chance to feel the release of power at every new turn and bend. You’ll reach a point where you lose all fear, and I bet you won’t need a car or an electric vehicle to enjoy the greatness and thrill of riding. If you enjoy riding, I implore you to ride this motorcycle and experience it for yourself.

Thanks to ABS and the technology used to construct this braking system, you will always be in complete control while riding a GT650, regardless of the speed you are traveling at.

The GT650 is designed for real motorcycle enthusiasts who comprehend and value ride quality in every way. This is unquestionably a masterpiece from Royal Enfield that honors and amplifies the love of motorcycles.

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4. Interceptor 650 Twinspark

Bike rental in Bangalore
Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Twinspark

The Interceptor and the Continental GT have won a tonne of valuable international automotive accolades and have garnered a tonne of love from riding enthusiasts across the world.

It is so understated, perfectly executed, and ought to become the new benchmark for simplicity. The motorcycle’s handlebars are comprehensive and simple allowing the rider to grasp with confidence while sitting in a highly comfortable position. You receive long, sturdy, black seats with a diamond design so you may ride in a dominating and upright position. The seat is long enough to accommodate a backseat passenger. The foot pegs and grab rails are provided for the passenger at the appropriate locations.

 As soon as you turn the key, an astonishing engine noise begins, followed by mellow, comforting engine sounds. You are carried along with the motorcycle when you softly open the throttle; it does this so confidently that you never want to stop. Simply increasing your speed will cause everyone around you to awaken with enlightenment felt in their ears and brains if you need to make your presence known. This beast makes an awesome roaring sound. The Interceptor 650’s brakes are excellent parts that effectively halt any oncoming surge.

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In conclusion, in this economy and the costs that come with buying a bike, it isn’t an ideal decision especially when it comes to bikes like Royal Enfield.

Although it is a personal choice, rental bikes are the new norm and they are about to grow into the biggest industry in terms of choice for commuting.

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