Best Honda Bikes to rent in 2022

Honda is a brand that’s known for its build quality and it shows evidently as it’s a Japanese make. However, the brand Honda made its mark in the Indian market with a collaboration with Hero, and thus the brand was named Hero Honda. Honda has been in the market for close to 4 decades and they are still the pioneer when it comes to a certain type of vehicle. In this blog let’s dive deep into the best Honda two-wheelers to rent.

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Activa 6g

Honda is renowned for its finesse and dependability, but things have changed with the Activa 6G. The engine starts easily thanks to the ACG starting motor. A more comfortable riding position has been achieved as a result of the revised dimensions. In fact, the floorboard is no longer as well, so even people with large feet won’t feel crowded.

The scooter feels speedy to reach 60 Kmph thanks to the incredibly smooth acceleration. The scooter effortlessly reached the specified 85 kmph while carrying a passenger and did so with no vibrations at all.

Thanks to the 12-inch front wheel and the telescopic suspension, the Activa 6G’s handling has significantly improved. The Activa now drives through city traffic with a lot more assurance. Although there is a little sensation from the front, the scooter also tips in readily into corners. On the other hand, you wouldn’t be riding like Marc Marquez on a scooter.

The Activa’s brakes perform admirably as well, providing adequate stopping strength and feedback, particularly at the rear. The combined braking mechanism gave the scooter an extra layer of security, allowing it to maintain its course even while braking forcefully.

Even though the seating posture is mostly the same, riding in cities is now more pleasant thanks to the additional floorboard room for your feet. And I adore the new front suspension so much! It is now lighter and more responsive up front, which is ideal for riding in cities. The start-up of the engine is smooth and effortless. Activa has always excelled in this area and continues to do so. The engine’s performance is outstanding. I didn’t notice any difference while riding the scooter because the engine’s power has just slightly dropped. The overall riding quality is excellent and continues to lead the 110cc market.

Unquestionably, yes! The Activa continues to be the finest quality product in its market, providing the most enjoyable and useful riding experience. The engine kill switch, as well as buttons for the seat storage and external fuel lid, are now available.

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Honda unicorn 160

Honda simply failed to provide the CB Unicorn 160 with the required ABS update in 2018, and the motorcycle silently perished. With the significant switch to BS6, Honda was now confronted with the choice of upgrading the CB Unicorn 150 to BS6 or giving the CB Unicorn 160 another try. They combined both strategies in their strategy, which takes us to the first thing you should be aware of.

Numerous other features, however, are more in line with the earlier Honda CB Unicorn 150. To begin with, the bike still has 18-inch wheels instead of the Unicorn 160’s 17-inch ones, and the seat height is the same at 798mm. The wheelbase is also nearly the same, at 1,335mm, and is a full 11mm longer than the CB Unicorn 160. Finally, we reach a factor that matters to purchasers in this market segment: ground clearance. The new Honda Unicorn 160 sports 187mm of clearance, an 8mm increase over the previous model and only 13mm lower than the KTM 390 Adventure, which is good news as well.

Given that this bike is significantly lighter than the Unicorn 150, it is reasonable to anticipate a marginally better performance. Although Honda only appears to be emphasising the terms “superior efficiency” in the press release, it is possible that fuel efficiency will also increase.

So, yes, unicorn won’t let you down if you’re looking for comfort and efficiency during your everyday commute.

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Honda Hornet 2.0

There wasn’t much wrong with the Honda CB Hornet 160R, a charming sporty commuter motorcycle with a distinctive appearance. Honda completely revamped the Hornet for 2020, which is now known as the Hornet 2.0. Honda claims that they specifically designed the new Hornet for the Indian market as part of their new strategy for the Indian market. Although the motorbike is based on Honda’s CB190R, which is its international model, it is an entirely new machine with a number of unique parts. On paper, the Hornet 2.0 appears to be a highly promising product, with its USP being the first-in-class USD forks. However, everything has a cost, and in this case, that cost is somewhat greater.

The tail part is largely unchanged even if practically everything is new in comparison to the previous one.

The Hornet 2.0 looks and rides like a sporty commuter motorbike. The posture has improved slightly by being a touch more comfortable while still being engaging thanks to the little taller handlebar and slightly rear-set pegs. The cushions on the brand-new seats are on the firmer side. This means that while having to commute is not a problem, working long hours could be a little difficult. The Hornet 2.0 isn’t particularly pillion friendly because the back seat has shrunk in both width and length, but the occasional tag-along won’t be a problem. The mirrors, though, give off a feeling of cost-cutting because they seem cheap and don’t provide much visibility, whereas everything else feels sturdy. Honda deserves special praise, though, for utilizing a saree guard that one can tolerate without immediately deciding to take it off when they first saw the bike.

The Hornet 2.0 is a great option and has substantially improved over the previous generation, even though it might not appear like the most value for the money offering. This is especially true for consumers who value decent riding characteristics. It’s undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable sub-200cc bikes to ride, and on today’s market, one should give it serious consideration.

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Honda CB350RS

The Honda CB 350 was introduced quite some time ago, and sales were decent. The sub-500cc neo-retro category was becoming somewhat repetitive, they realized, and there was a clique that had long wished for a bit sporty, slightly aggressive design but had never received it. Soon after, Honda expanded their CB 350 lineup by adding the “RS” badge. Ergonomics, dynamics, and some design are the main areas where the RS differs from the H’ness. Find out now.

 The RS has twin hydraulic shock absorbers that may be adjusted at the back and non-adjustable telescopic forks up front. Despite being simple, the suspension setup is fairly stiff. This leads to improved riding dynamics when riding vigorously. However, on poor roads, things become bumpy, which is unpleasant for those who prefer comfort. The split-duplex frame that supports the RS has the least flex, provides plenty of input, and feels quite stable at high speeds. The bike seems like a street naked while riding because of its propensity to tilt into corners, which makes the experience incredibly enjoyable. The RS has a little better power-to-weight ratio than the H’ness because of its 2 kg less weight of 179 kg.

The RS provides outstanding riding dynamics whether driving on a local street or a motorway.

The bike also has traction control, which is a sensible addition that helps you if you slip out the back by limiting the power. The RS also receives dual-channel ABS, which is well-calibrated and guarantees a secure halt.

The RS promises a vintage appearance and modern handling. Yes, some functions are lost, but it gains sporty ergonomics that are unmatched, making the RS incredibly special. The RS falls in the middle and is a smart pick because it provides the best of both worlds if you think chrome is too retro and a street-naked is too sporty. It can only be purchased and serviced at Honda BigWing dealerships, which are only found in tier-1 and tier-2 cities, just like the H’ness. However, the RS is the one for you if you want to arrive and make a big statement.

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Honda shine

Compared to the current Honda CB Shine, the Honda CB Shine SP looks considerably better now. It has appealing titanium-like cowls on the sides, stylish 5-spoke alloy wheels, a black exhaust with chrome plate, and much more to liven up the life of a regular commuter who was only seeking something basic. Additionally, the headlight has been redesigned from the standard model and is now crisp with a curved visor attached.

Additionally, the CB Shine SP has a 5-speed transmission, which allows the user to travel at higher speeds without too many vibrations interfering. The bike’s power output is ideal and feels as it should be for a 125cc motorcycle.

For a 125cc, the Honda CB Shine feels light and maneuverable. On this bike, it is quite simple to flick and filter through traffic, and doing so is also a lot of fun. Even at greater speeds, the motorbike feels stable, and thanks to Honda’s Combined Braking System (CBS), the SP stops in front of where you want it to. However, the front disc might not be able to obtain the right bite on its own and provides less stopping force. The 5-step adjustable rear suspension on the CB Shine SP easily absorbs road imperfections. Both tyres provide good traction on tarmac and are tubeless.

It is definitely a very good choice if you are looking for a light-weight, economical motorbike.

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