As clichéd as it sounds, to travel is to find yourself. In this busy world, taking those few steps out of a routine is the only way to pound out on our refresh button. Yeah, we don’t live in a fantasy world where travelling is as easy as packing a bag and heading out the door. Everyday we’re stuck in a grind, it’s wake up, dress up, traffic, office/college, lunch, traffic. If the Wizard of Oz taught us anything it’s that there is always a silver lining almost as if to say, “Thank God for traffic”. You’re probably wondering what the beeeeeeeep we’re yaking about? Only because of the daily rut we’re in do we know the value of an open road, the breeze in your hair and a lovely Ontrack Scooter! When your feet itch to travel but they’re tied down by the shackles of the day to day happenings, it’s only logical to crave a warm bed, a pair of fuzzy socks and a laptop filled with sweet escapes. If you feel our vibe here, give these movies a go! No Spoilers, so kick back and relax!

  1. Motorcycle Diaries – This movie can be seen as the first chapter to all of the things Che Guevara went on to do with his life. The iconic Che that we have come to know from our history textbooks today, started off as a kid with an eye for travel. Sure, his revolutionary beliefs can be argued upon all day, but it simply cannot be denied that he altered the world in some way and it was travel that inspired him to do so. The movie struck a note because of the simplistic beauty of letting go just to find oneself (Ironic, isn’t it?). We guarantee you’ll have your mind blown away by the cinematography that portrays the stark contradictions of not taking yourself too seriously and the harsh realities of life. So, we invite you to take a chance, to spin your beliefs and watch this movie. We apologize if it makes you want to take a long ride away. Or wait, Maybe we’re not sorry!
  2. Into the Wild – Have you ever thought of minimalism as liberating? Would you dare to actually leave everything behind, and we mean EVERYTHING, and hit the road? This movie in so many ways makes us want to give all our worldly possessions up, bring out all of our inner Kesha out and run wild. This movie is your ticket back in time. It shows that embarrassing moment you had with your crush and the bully that made fun of you isn’t spared either. All of it is but a moment that made you a stronger person. You are a body of experience and that’s all you need to back yourself up in any situation. For those souls who seemed to have lost that little spark, this movie will ignite a bonfire within your heart.
  3. Wild – For all the women out there who were told travelling solo is a strict no no, we say “Ha! You go do whatever the hell pleases that amazing soul of yours chicka.” This movie is one that’s close to our heart and with Reese Witherspoon’s acting *jaw-drops and double takes all over town* need we say more? The movie incites a dangerous amount of fierceness while a virtual cape gets attached, along with a truckload of “Goddamn, I’m unstoppable!”. If you need to pick yourself up when life drags you down to rock bottom, movies like this could be the fuel to your Scooter. And hey! If Reese can do it, so can you!

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