What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘superhero’?

Probably flight right?

Like in the movies- ‘Superman to the rescue!’

You know what is the closest we can feel to that? It’s speeding on a motorbike up the curves of a beautiful mountain pass. Ah, the smell of the winds with a hint of rain in it, the chilly cocoon of lush greenery surrounding you while you gaze at the fast changing scenery through a blanket of clouds- priceless!

This kind of an experience is characteristic of two wheelers alone. On a bike, you can almost imagine that the vehicle is an extension of your own body unlike in a car where it feels rather like a room with wheels. It can be spacious but the whole fun of traveling is zapped off and like the saying goes- ‘its not the destination but the journey that counts’.  The maxim can be taken at the word as clearly we spend most of our time traveling wherever it is we are headed to so why not make it as invigorating as possible?

Bikes on account of its small form have sizeable advantages. You can easily slither ahead in a traffic jam or climb up footpaths and whizz past cars and their fuming drivers. Bikes also come in very handy when you have that cool leather jacket which you oh so badly wish to show off. It’s also the only vehicle which can make even a nerd look cool.

Many successful individuals with the luxury of owning top notch cars still prefer the thrill that accompanies bike rides and goes out on bike treks with fellow enthusiasts every so often. There are tales of people who were inspired to new heights of passion by the sole idea of traveling on a two wheeler. “I love the freedom of a motorcycle. There is nothin like it […] When it rains I am gonna get wet when it’s 28 degrees (Farenhite) I’m gonna get cold…It’s just the joys of motorcycling” says Murph a multi-millionaire who now lives on the road because he just can’t get enough. Check out his amazing story here.

With so much of our work being done online, physical interaction with people has declined alarmingly and has lead to more and more people being diagnosed with psychological problems. Loneliness and depression are some of the most common issues faced by a large chunk of the population. With parents demanding so much from their children, the pressure has skyrocketed. Suicides are on the rise. Travelling is considered a panacea to all of these problems. Nature has a voice of its own and by reaching out to it, we can calm our inner devils.

With the weather as it currently is, forcing out creatures of every hue and color out of its cranny, there was never a better time to head on out on a long drive simply to enjoy nature’s marvels. You could take along binoculars and capture beautiful pictures of exotic birds with their babies trailing behind, gaze at animals of different shapes or click selfies with flowers which open their petals as wide as possible to catch that last trickle of rainfall. Gulp in the fresh air and reenergize yourself.

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