Tips for returning riders after long hiatus

Tips for returning riders after long hiatus

When you get back on a motorcycle after a long break it’s as if you have taken a breath after being under water for far too long – Jerry Smith, Cruiser

Been a long time since you rode a bike and hence skills got a bit rusty? There are several ways you can get back in the game. The love for riding motorcycles never dies. So if you have taken a break owing to family obligations or economic situation or even a dreadful injury – I am sure (owing to the fact that you were at one point a huge motorcycle fan) the love has resurfaced or might resurface in the future, probably with a more powerful force. What do you do? Do you just get on the motorcycle and ride away? That’s a BIG no.

The thrill of getting back shouldn’t overthrow the need to relearn the basics of motorcycle riding. Even if you had been an advanced motorcycle rider in the past, it is positively not as simple as hopping on the motorbike and riding away. Trust me, a lot has changed in the motorcycle industry since you went on a break. If you have managed to stay tuned and are very well acquainted with all the transformations and inventions then you are definitely one step ahead. However, if not, then it’s better to catch up on all the changes in the design, rules and techniques that have cropped up over the years.

Today, motorcycle safety is a priority. To have a safe ride you need to embrace the newer techniques and understand the more advanced features and of course the traffic scenarios – everything matters when you are riding a motorcycle. The tips below will assist you in not only staying protected but will ensure that you persist to be the motorcycle huge fan that you were/are.

Let go of your motorcycle past

No matter what your riding past entails, you need to let it go. You must remember, moto skills are perishable hence it doesn’t matter if you were a pro rider around 25 years ago. Let go of the past and focus on the present. At present, accept that you are a returning rider after a prolonged pause. You need to reacquire the skills to be able to ride again. You can’t pick up where you left eons ago. Though of course the basics do remain the same, a lot has changed over the years that can make motorcycle riding quite challenging for a returning rider. Hence, letting go of your motorcycle past is the best way to start riding again.

Retrain and practice

The biggest challenge that one faces when they start riding again is to embrace the changes. There is so much that has changed that a returning rider is prone to more risks than the younger motorcycle riders. To become a skillful rider once again would require a proper training to master the newer techniques and proficiencies. Riding safely is key and the training program imparts the ‘right’ and up-to-date knowledge and guidelines to drive safely yet adroitly on today’s terrain or you could say choked up roads.

Start slow

As a motorcycle lover who has recently decided to ride again after a long pause, you might desire to get your big monstrous motorcycles out. However, it is advisable that you first acquire a smaller bike that helps you get reacquainted with the basics and simpler knacks. The emergence of ‘bike rental’ model and services has gained popularity and for a returning rider it’s a very lucrative deal. Post training, you can get a smaller bike on rent and then upgrade it as per your comfort and convenience. This works out well economically and gives you enough space to start riding skillfully.

Re-illuminate your grey cells

You don’t just relearn how to ride a bike but you need to tap into the old beliefs and myths and chuck them. Literally, chuck them. Once upon a time when you would ride your motorcycle, you would probably avoid the front brakes. Not anymore. The motorcycle design and technology has newer and more unique features that require you to master novel techniques and skills. Following these techniques will not only make you a great rider but a safe rider. That’s the priority right?

Join the reading club

No, you don’t really need to join a reading club. But you can, in fact I will say should, definitely read about the latest news/inventions/features on motorcycles. Read up books, articles or blogs. The fact that you are reading this is an awesome start! But yes, gather as much knowledge as you can on the latest upgrades, technology, inventions, features, design and techniques. You can even glance through books or articles that help you understand how to become a skillful rider or how to park your motorcycle. Today, you have plenty of information available online and it’s the perfect way to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in motorcycling. P.S. Feel free to check out more blogs on our website!

From traffic conditions to motorcycle technology – everything has changed since you last sprung on your bike to travel a distance. As a returning rider after a long hiatus, you need to ensure that you gear up in the ‘right’ clothes, only a helmet will not do. You need proper clothes/gear to protect you. If you want to tap into exhaustive details, you can read my blog on motorcycle accessories. Lastly, be aware of all the risks that come with motorcycle riding.  In order to counter them you need to be highly responsive. You may be mature but you need to show maturity when riding your motorcycle – be alert and respect your environment!

Oh and of course, Welcome back guys! May you have many unforgettable and exhilarating memories on two wheels! Cheers to new adventures!