We went on a ride to K.R Market last time. If you missed it, click here. But this time, we have a treat for all those people who simply love food. So, are you a traveling foodie? If you are one then you must visit the famous Food Street or Thindi Beedi at Visveswarapuram, popularly known as VV Puram. Ask any person in Bengaluru about this place and their mouths get filled with water as they begin to describe it. Well, read on. We cannot contain our excitement to tell you about this place.

Go with a group and you can taste as many things as possible. Ask each one of your group members to buy different snacks and taste them all! Fill your tummy by just tasting food. You do not have to have a hearty meal after all! This place lets you experience the delicious Mumbai Vada-Pav to hot & yummy Mangalore Bajjis to buttery Mysore Masala Dosas to sweet and syrupy Bengali sweets. All the snacks in one place, actually in one street.

Talking about the ambience first, the street is so colourful! As it gets dark, the streets are lit by street lamps that radiate an orange-yellow glow. You can smell fried, greasy and excellent food several meters away. You are not allowed to park your vehicle at the street. It is always buzzing with hungry people. So, park your bike nearby and enter this giant Cornucopia!


Once in, you get lost. There is just so much variety that you would not know where to start. Really! So, we have classified the food available there regionally to make your experience easy. Just thank us later.

 Sooo South Indian!

Do you feel like eating South Indian? If you do, then start off with idlis. The steamy idlis are simply delightful with the minty chutney. And then we have the hundred varieties of Dosas, not to forget the tiny Paddus. Ragi or Akki Rotis can get a little heavy but they taste amazing with coconut chutney. Do not forget to taste Holliges. They are like sweet parathas with dal, coconut, jackfruit or date filling. They are mind blowing with some ghee and milk. We also have the regulars; Uthappams, Idiyappam, Lemon rice or Chitranna, Puliyogare etc etc

Simply North Indian.

North Indian food is so buttery! Pav Bhajis, dabelis and vada-pavs with salted chillis is just so spicy and delectable that taste buds go mad! Try the scrumptious Rajasthani Roti and Sabzi, the generously stuffed Aloo parathas or Paneer Parathas and chaats. Floating Pani Puris are a signature. Taste Masala Puri, Dahi Puri, Sev Puri, Cutlets, Papdi chaat, Bread Pakora, okay the list is never ending. Crave for Jalebis, Gulab Jamuns, Rabris, Rasmalais or other Bengali sweets.

Haochi Shiwu!

Manchurians, fried rice, spring rolls and noodles, taste them all. The spicy chilli sauce mixed with tangy tomato sauce and the salty soy sauce will leave your mouth flavorus. There are Manchurian rolls and what not! Taste all the Chinese food here in one place. Now then, how would you like to eat Indian-Chinese? Does it sound like a bad idea? Because, it is not! Try combinations like, noodles stuffed in dosas called Chinese dosas, rice or noodles with manchurian etc etc They are truly amazing!

Convenience food.

Wondering what convenience food is? Food like French Fries, Sandwiches that have cheese dripping out of them, pizza with extra olives and oregano seasoning, dry chaats like Bhel Puri, Churmuri and Boti Masala garnished with freshly grated carrots and coriander are all so convenient to eat. Bhel Puri is actually so popular that it was appended as an official word in the Oxford English dictionary. Cool or what!

Those elixirs!

Be it lemonade, fruit juices, varieties of chai, coffee, lassi or rose milk, they have it all! Quench your thirst. Refresh yourself. Get those elixirs.

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We have actually missed out on a lot of food items available at Food Street. So, here is what you can do. Walk in to the nearest bike rental, get an Activa on rent or any bike on rent and explore the all-time festive, Thindi Beedi! Bon Appetit!