The very reason why people prefer two-wheeler over a car is because, when riding a bike, you feel like you are a part of the world. You are not just a mere viewer. Unlike a car, where the world is seen with a frame around it. It feels like watching TV. The only difference is that you are in a closed moving compartment. Bikes are amazing and on this note, let us rent a bike and travel to Coorg, the Scotland of India.

Coorg was termed as the Scotland of India during the British era because of the misty mountains and the cool weather. The place is simply breathtaking. It is so beautiful that you would not want to leave it. Every place that you travel to will become a part of you but Coorg will leave you dazzled. Do not be a tourist. Be a traveller and experience Coorg. The people, the culture, the food, the hills, the air, the weather, the soil, the waters, everything will mesmerize you and change you as a person for sure. Just imagine travelling to the place, being in the moment, thinking about anything and everything while you get there. It is like meditation!


Before going to any place, it is always recommended to research about the place thoroughly. Research gives you some direction as to what you can do when you reach the place. So read on to know what is in store at Kodagu. We have done all the research for you. All you need to do is walk in to the nearest bike rental, get a bike for rent and ride away after reading this


First stop, Madikeri. This place has a very rich history. It is named after the ruler Muddu Raja, a Haleri king. It used to be known as Muddu Raja Keri and later on as Mercara before it became popular as ‘Madikeri’. The town is a hill station in Madikeri taluk and is the headquarters of Kodagu. It lies in the Western Ghats with Mangaluru to the West and Mysuru to the East. It is at a distance of 252 km from Bangalore. If you are taking the road, first take State Highway 17 and then State Highway 88 to get there. It is located at a height of about 4000 ft above sea level and the weather is extremely pleasant during Summer.



While you are there, do visit the Madikeri fort. The fort is majestic, spiritual and magnificent, all at once. This fort was built by Muddu Raja. It was constructed in mud initially and was rebuilt using granite by Tipu Sultan before Dodda Vira Rajendra took control of it. He called it, Zafarabad. A lot more was added to the fort in the British era. Later on, Linga Rajendra renovated it.  The fort has its entrance in the North East corner. There are two life sized gorgeous masonry elephants and Kote Ganapathi at the main entrance. There is a church in the South-East corner. This church is disused. It is in fact, a converted museum. It was closed after India acquired independence.



Next, the Omkareshwara temple, the structure is Gothic-Islamic. It was built by king Linga Raja II. Well, the story goes like this. Apparently, the king Linga Raja II was having some political problems. He resolved to murder a Brahmin to solve all his problems. His political problems were solved but the dead Brahmin became a Brahmarakshasa and began haunting him. He was then told to construct a temple of Lord Shiva to put an end to this. Therefore, he brought a Shivalinga from Kashi and constructed the Omkareshwara temple. Whatever the legend may be, this temple is just blissful.


When in Madikeri, a visit to Talakaveri is a must. Talakaveri is the source of Kaveri. Have you read the Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi? It makes the readers want to believe that mythology is true. Talakaveri has one such mythological story.

Once, when Maharishi Agastya was passing by with Kaveri in his Kamandalu, Lord Ganesha took the form of a crow and perched on the Kamandalu while Agastya was meditating. Realizing this, Agastya tried to shoo the crow away without knowing that it was actually Lord Ganapati. The Kamandalu toppled and water gushed out of it to flow as river Kaveri. The crow then shape shifted to become a lad. Enraged, Agastya muni wanted to kill this boy. He followed him for some distance as the kid was trying to escape. The Maharishi wanted to knock the boy’s head off. When Ganesha showed his true form after some time, Agastya knocked his own head off.

We do not know if this occurred or not but Kaveri looks beautiful as she flows. There is a tank or Kundike on a hillside and a temple by it at Talakaveri. The spring feeds the tank, flows underground for some distance and emerges again. The temple has idols of goddess Kaveramma, Maha Ganapathi and Lord Agasthiswara. The place is very sacred. The waters are crystal clear and sweet.

The first day of the Tulu Maasa according to the Hindu calendar is celebrated as Changrandi Day. It is the day when water gushes up and the fountainhead rises. The Achars perform special Poojas and the environment gets festive.


abbe falls

Other places to visit are Abbey falls from Kootu Poley dam, Raja Seat, which used to be the much loved view point for all the kings. It is a Mandapa made of bricks with a commanding view of the cliffs and valleys. Dubare Elephant Camp, which is an elephant training center. Dubare is a natural island. For all you know, you may get a chance to give a shower to a cute baby elephant. The Nagarhole National Park is also amazing!

Just imagine your bike roar as it takes off, sunlight making its way through the green canopy, feeling the breeze on your face at  the banks of the river, letting the dust settle down in your hair while you stop for some tea on the way, watching the mist dropping down, drinking the dew, seeing all the places, breathing every moment in, visualizing the history of the place, all the small things make your journey totally worth it. So, if you want to visit all these places and taste the delicious Kudumbuttu and Pandi curry, visit an online bike rental here and go get to know the Kodavas and explore Kodagu! Happy journey!