The ever-increasing population in India has made it really tough for city commuters to maneuver around. In the last few years, we have noticed a drastic shift in the modes of transportation used by daily travelers. Several riders have started migrating to two-wheelers on rent. Other modes of transport are time-consuming and costly. Two-wheeler saves them from the never-ending urban assault.

The motorcycle is a brilliant way to reach your destination in no time at the most minimum cost. Riding to work or to run errands on a regular basis is surely a very thrilling experience as it adds fun to a tedious workday. However, it is necessary to ensure that all safety measures are taken and your ride is as comfortable as possible.

Accessorizing yourself and the bike is imperative to enhance your riding experience and protect yourself from all the threat that comes with riding a motorcycle. If you are on a tight budget or don’t really have a lot of money to spend you can still purchase these accessories at a sensibly reasonable cost. It is a great investment as you can use them for a long period of time.

So, whether you have already acquired two-wheelers on rent or planning to in the near future here are a few must-have accessories for your bike.


Riding gear is always first on the list. It is the basic requirement for every rider. It doesn’t matter how often you use your two-wheeler – riding gear is must. The gear package makes you your own ‘knight in shining armour’.

These are the 3 gears you must get before you start riding a bike

Helmet: There are a plethora of things you can get but the first one to check off the list is a helmet. Ontrack already provides you with a very basic helmet with every two-wheeler for rent however if you want a different one with more features or functionalities you can always purchase the same from a relevant store.

Riding gloves: What you really need to purchase is safety gloves that can protect your fingers and knuckles incase of any accident. Gloves are also very comfortable when you are maneuvering your bike around – it aids in attaining a strong grip on the handlebars.

Jacket: A rider should always dress in layers. One of those ‘outer’ layers should include a protective jacket. Getting a jacket is essential for every rider in India. It is a shield that protects the body against any major injuries incase of a fall or crash.

Riding everyday to work in varying weather conditions can be physically challenging. To avoid falling sick, getting rain suits or windshields is a ‘healthy’ idea. The other gear that you can look into is boots, ear plugs etc. But whether you get these or not, don’t compromise on helmet, gloves and a jacket. Remember: gear before anything else.


Riding a bike comes with its own challenges. There may be times when your bike won’t start in the middle of nowhere and might need a quick fix. It is impractical to lug all the necessary tools around. This is where the multi tool kit can be extremely useful and rescue you from most of the sore situations. The good thing about this kit is that it is compact and comes with the most basic tools like socket driver, screwdrivers, open-ended wrenches, spoke wrenches etc.


My advice would be – don’t skimp on this one. If you take your bike to work, it is likely that you leave your bike unattended for hours at a stretch leaving a great opportunity for the burglars. Disc lock is not explosively expensive and is worth every little penny you spend. It can discourage the thug and he can make his day by stealing a bike with no disc locks.


Work takes up most of our day leaving us with little time to take the much-needed care of our bikes. Though, bike maintenance is done at regular intervals it is also important to ensure that the bike is protected from dust, water, direct sunlight, cats, dogs, random people looking for a place to sit and even those unforeseen surprises like bird droppings. This way you don’t have to chalk out time for that ‘extra’ care. Here’s an important advice: Do not cover a hot bike.


You can take your time with this one. It is not a very critical or for that matter a mandatory investment. Mobile accessories make a lot of sense for bike riders who use their phone for GPS. Getting a mobile phone mount gives them a clear and direct access to the mobile screen. Accessing GPS on your phone can drain out the battery very quickly. You don’t want your phone battery to give up on you before reaching the destination. So getting a charger for your motorcycle can be a very useful deal.

Once you have taken the two-wheeler on rent – make sure to start checking these accessories off the list. Again, remember riding gear before everything else. If you are yet to rent a bike, get in touch with Ontrack, a monthly bike rental company. We will be happy to assist you to acquire a two-wheeler for rent that is perfect for you.