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Road Trips on a motorcycle can be brilliantly summed up in 3 exquisite quotes:

‘The perfect man? A poet on a motorcycle.” – Lucinda Williams

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.” – Stacy Westfall

“On a bike no one ever asks, “Are we there yet?” – Stacy Westfall

Road Trip – these two words can bring a sense of ‘exhilaration’ and ‘fiery enthusiasm’ for a bike rider. Bike riding through long stretches of terrain can be an explorative journey and one of the best means to unleash the daringly warrior side. India, the land of culture and adventure, has a lot to offer to those who want to seek. Road trips (on bikes) give you a chance to ‘intimately’ discover a place’s beauty, deep dive into the remote spaces, the scenic views, culture, the traditional art forms, and food – you cannot get any closer to it all.

Bike road trips are a life-changing journey as it provides a transporting experience to the rider. Nothing can bring you closest to nature or make you feel the thrill of speed and tranquility of nature at the same time. These cocktail of emotions can set a passionate rider on a self-discovery voyage. As Stacy Westfall says, it is a journey not a destination that ultimately leads to ‘finding yourself’. The experiences that one gathers in the nooks and corners of India are completely incomparable.

Here is a bucket list that every fervently enthusiastic bike rider may have already covered or desperately on the journey to tick off. There is so much a road trip has to offer that is tremendously challenging to express in words. However, let me give you a snippet of what you should expect in each of these tours.


ladakh-2300904_1920 (1)

This place has been a dream destination for impassioned bike riders all across the country. The trail is considered to be one of the most difficult yet the most rewarding ones to cover. The weather here is rough and there is the constant danger of landslides. But you come across the most unbelievably gorgeous lakes, the high mountain passes and even Buddhist monasteries. You will get to cross the beautiful valleys in Manali and even touch the exquisitely divine peak in Leh.



Like Ladakh, this challenging trail will leave you breathless but only by its beauty. If you go via Kibber, Kaza, Tabo, Spiti and Pin valley, you will be covering the most attractively appealing remote places. In Baspa and Kinnaur you will come closest to the wonders and miracles of nature with apricot, apple orchards, Satluj river views, snow capped monasteries. The journey itself is a thrilling experience and once you reach this magnificently splendid valley you will find yourself surrounded by shrines, orchards, and even a resting place. It’s a ride that offers you constant thrills and ultimately an invigorating experience.



This one is a long route however one of those amazing bike rides that must cross off the bucket list. You will be crossing Nagarhole, Tholpatty and then even pass by Kuthuparamba from Manandvady. You will be crossing several lakes and cliffs as you journey through this exhilarating trail. You can make your regular stops to enjoy the finger-licking local food. If you are indeed a passionate rider, do not miss out on Kannur. You don’t know what you might end up discovering!



What you must to do here is wrap yourself around the ‘ tribal culture’ that this journey offers. It is one of the most marvellous snowy trails in winters and there is so much in store of you throughout this voyage. Of course, again the route is a Herculean one with its rough roads and landslides. But once you pass through the waterfalls, mountain streams, terraced paddy fields, alpine forests, small human settlements – it will make up for the ‘toughness’ of this tour.



You can go on this road trip any time of the year. Though, if you really want to dive into the beauty of this route, experience this ride during the monsoons. From Pollachi in Tamil Nadu to Chalakudy in Kerela, it is significantly covered with evergreen forests, fine tropical forests and cloud. You will even come across splendid waterfalls, several dams and reservoirs. The most allruing part of this trip is wildlife sightings – since both Anaimalai tiger reserve or the Vazhachal forest reserve are connected to this route.



The challenges you can face on this trail is the extremely wet and damp roads that could make your bike ride quite eventful. However, the extraordinary bike ride experience compensates for the pitfalls and hours it may take to reach the destination. You will stumble upon many captivating waterfalls and bridges in Nongriat. Unravel this trip on your motorcycle to experience one of the most wonderful stretches in our country.



One of the most exceptional bike rides that can bring immense delight and a voyage full of eclectic experiences. Unlike others, this isn’t one of those heavenly scenic routes. However, this tour will bring you face to face with a vibrant mix of diversity, colours, flavours that is bound to capture your imagination. At Pulicat Lake, you will get to see the migratory flamingos that will certainly brighten up your day. You will also come across Sea shore temple at Mahabalipuram, Nataraja temple at Chidambaram and the Adam’s bridge at Rameshwaram.



A place with a rich culture and Rajputana architecture – you don’t want to miss out on this one. You will get a peek into how people with the most colorful turbans live without modern amenities and taste the local cuisines in rural settlements. The ride is not as tough as the demanding ones of Ladakh or Spiti Valley. So if you have already conquered those you will sail through this one. The only challenge you will encounter on this road trip is when you are crossing the desert. What you must positively look out for in this trip is the landscape that showcases a blend of brown and green hues.



Scenic isn’t going to be enough to describe this route. No matter what I say, nothing will justify the lush green mountains and waterfalls that add to the charm of this breathtakingly fanciful destination. To get the most out of this tour, ensure you go during the monsoons. What will make this journey even more gratifying is the view of Kanchenjunga, humane humanity residing, Buddhist monasteries and fine hill culture.



Gujarat, another culturally rich city, is going to be full of unexpected and surreal wonders. A bike ride to Kutch can be exhilaratingly liberating. From watching the mesmerizing full moon at the great Rann of Kutch to a night stay in the mud houses called Bhunga – get to witness and experience a bucketful of diverse moments. You can also wander aimlessly around the Kutch grounds and be a scintillating spectator to both white salt desert and salt marsh.

A travel bucket list is never-ending. For those of you who are willing to ‘see’ and seek’, there is a whole lot of majestic richness in store even in the tiniest of places. You get to uncover so many unknown, unidentified, unspecified dwellings.

Here’s an (unasked for) advice that I am sure you will appreciate: Don’t be scared to lose your way – it’s only after you get lost is when you unearth the most exceptionally magnificent experiences and stories. There is always a better way waiting for you and that becomes your story and your transformative journey. Feel free to share with us a fragment of your transformative motorcycle journey.

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