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Well, you are already on our site so that’s one step ahead. Kudos to you. Now, go to this login/signup page and complete the registration process. Once you are registered, go through the models and select a bike that you desire. Then, you may proceed to make the payment. For any queries or issues during this process, feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

We are not your doctors but we do care for you. You need to have a valid and original MVWG License or MVWOG (for gearless) before renting a bike

Did you know you aren’t allowed to fly a plane until you are a licensed pilot. Trust me, two-wheelers don’t fly but will make you feel like you are. To feel so, it is important to submit a signed photocopy of the MVWG or MVWOG License before you take a two wheeler on rent.

We are super eco-friendly. No ‘green’ notes please! We only accept online payment.

You are about to get so very lucky! We don’t take any security deposits. Once you select your bike model, you may proceed to the checkout page, and then make the payment to confirm the reservation of the selected bike.

Oops, no. Not as of now, at least. But, do stay with us and see what we create next! We are awesome!

Eh, this is not a question but okay. No, we do not offer any bi-monthly or similar packages so you can’t avail them.

Of course buddy. We have to take the good old fashioned route. You need to submit a signed photocopy of your valid DL (Motor Vehicle with Gear - MVWG or Motor Vehicle without Gear MVWOG) License and one of the below

Aadhar card, Passport, Pan card

OMG. We can’t believe you asked this question. Eh, No. We are sorry. Our two wheeler price is already inclusive of the bike, its maintenance, a helmet, and insurance. You see, we do love you.

Old is gold my friend. So, no. There is no reduction in the monthly rent. However, we offer every bike on rent with no lock-ins. Now, that is damn good news for you, isn’t it?

If the vehicle, after being booked, is cancelled by the customer prior to the scheduled slot of delivery/pickup, the customer will be liable to pay a convenience fee of 15% of the booking amount.

What about it? Oh yes this is a FAQ. Duh. Okay so currently we offer home delivery service for which you need to pay Rs. 500. Home pickup service is currently on hold.

Do you know the song run for your life? Well, in this case don’t even think about it. If your bike gets stolen just give us a call and ensure to visit the nearest cop station. You must get a written complaint out with ‘actual’ facts. You know ‘dog ate my homework’ kind of a story will probably make the cops run after you. Then you probably will have to run for your life

15 days? 1 and 5? Whoa you are on a roll here! No, you cannot reserve the bike for such a long period of time. Post making the payment you can reserve it for max 48 hours.

Well, only the helmet can be availed from us. You might even need to put up a fight for this one. Just kidding. We provide a helmet with the bike. Other accessories or gears must be independently purchased by the rider.

Any breakdowns or incidents involving your bike (not you) should be reported to us immediately. Give us a call at +91 9148518401 . We do offer roadside assistance within the city for minor breakdowns (again for your bike, not you). But you need to be responsible for the bike in case of any damage and must bear the repair cost. I know guys, life is hard but two-wheelers on rent - really awesome so ride safe!

What is it? Shoot, you mean our policy? Right. The rental prices on our website is inclusive of a comprehensive insurance. You may go to our terms of use page to understand our bike rental insurance/liability policy in-depth.

Sorry buddy, the fee is non refundable. No exceptions at all.

Yup. 75 years. Oh you mean your age. Right. No there is no age limit as long as you have a valid DL.

Oh, this is going to be terrible. We love our bikes and our customers. We wouldn’t want to choose. But we LOVE our bikes. You will have to pay per day rental fee (check out the rates here) for all the extended days. Seriously, we aren’t trying to hassle you guys. But believe us when we say we really do love our bikes.

?%#$@! Really? Well. We really did do our best.

Hmm. We thought we were quite intelligent. We assumed that we covered all your queries in this FAQ. Apparently not. Well, okay get in touch with us on our number 08033923788or email us at info@on-track.in

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