All of us would have asked this question to ourselves at some point, “Should I opt for a monthly rental or an hourly rental?” In this post, we will dispel any doubts you might be housing and clarify all your doubts.

Transport has now become the way of life. Not a single day transpires, without us taking our bikes out for a spin. Be it corporate or college, everyone needs to spend a good deal of time on wheels so you might as well enjoy it. Again, this depends on your moyen de transport. Check this post out for insights. With a universal acknowledgement that daily commute is inevitable, all that is left to be determined is the cost efficient route.


Everything that glitters are not god

Let the showdown begin!

Brace yourselves for some Math now folks!

Now, say you rent a bike on an hourly basis at INR 25/- per hour (i.e INR 100/- for 4 hours). Assuming you use it to commute to work or college, you will have the vehicle for a minimum of 10 hours (8 hours within the office or college and 2 hours to commute). You will now have a subtotal of INR 250/- But that is not it, you will be required to pay for petrol which currently stands at INR 60/- per liter. So you will end up spending INR 310 a day!

Your weekly expenditure would rise up to, INR 2170/- !

Which means, you’d be spending a whopping INR 9300/-  per month!

Ontrack offers you a Bajaj CT100 at just ₹ 2750 /- for an entire month!

Ontrack offers you Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise at just INR 5500 /- for an entire month!

Ontrack, unlike other rentals, offers bikes on a monthly rental basis. You can rent a bike at Ontrack for an entire month with approximately the same amount of money you would be spending on an hourly rental for a week. In addition to this, you get to keep your vehicle for the entirety of 24 hours! So if you feel like a midnight stroll around the city, there is nothing to stop you.

In case of hourly rentals, you will be required to complete all the paperwork and fill in forms every now and then. You are not only over paying for the services but also tangling yourself up with work, a lot more than necessary. We understand how hectic things can get. You deserve to spend your time doing what you love to do and not worry about paperwork and delivery.

There is also the matter of bonding with your vehicle. Any true bike rider would know how important it is to familiarize oneself with his or her vehicle. Bikes have lives and the riders can feel them. The Warriors of yore always spent a good deal of time taming and getting to know their horses before riding on them. In the same manner, to feel one with the bike, a rider requires to make a connection which takes quite some time. Not much of a show down now, is it? The fight ends even before it begins. Not to worry. Right from Bajaj Avengers to Honda Activas, we have them all. So, go ahead and get experimental. Try your hand at riding your dream bike. Pick the vehicles of your choice, the ones that suit your need and fit your style. Rent our bikes at insanely low prices now.

Ontrack bike rental, in addition to being affordable is also very transparent. We cover your insurance and provide you a complimentary helmet. We are hassle free and present to you with a myriad of bikes to choose from. We also provide a GPS tracking system in our vehicles, when in case of emergencies, we are always here to help you.

You absolutely do not have to worry about the quality of bikes. Our bikes are well maintained. We do not hand out second hand bikes at our bike rental. Just get your Drivers’ License, an ID proof and an Address proof and you are all set.

We want to make your journey as memorable, convenient and economical as possible. You do not have to hand in any security deposit while renting the vehicle. If you do not have any time to take away the two-wheeler from our location after renting it, that is okay. Let us know and we will take the trouble of delivery and pick-up.

So, what is holding you up then? Get adventurous, explore and get to know Namma Bengaluru, make your life easy and better.

Register at www.on-track.in and get on track now!