Bike for rent in Bangalore

We, the working-class people and the student community travel close to 10 – 20 kilometers on a daily basis to reach the place of work or study. There are different modes of transport we can opt for; Public transport, private or rental. But, for Indian roads, two wheelers are the most convenient. Considering the benefits online bike rentals offer to the crowd, it is not very surprising that they are all in swing these days. Bike rental offer a variety of alternatives according to one’s needs and style, they are so much more affordable and cost effective. Basically, they are a combination of the pros of public and private transport.

At Ontrack, the entire flow of renting a two wheeler rental happens in a jiffy. From the wide range of bike that we offer to the end user, uncertainty arises on which vehicle to hire for what purpose. This article will help one know the features of bike or scooty on rent in Bangalore at Ontrack.



Honda Activa being one of the oldest and the most trustworthy brand, is special in many ways. The mileage that it offers, quick acceleration, the seating space, the underseat compartment available for carrying groceries to food to documents to helmets, makes it the most opted bike for rent in Bangalore. The vehicle is light, sleek, well-designed, reliable and is very comfortable for daily commute. Get Activa on rent for INR 3750 per month.

Honda Navi is a whole new category of two wheeler, which is unique in its own way. Navi being the gearless bike gives the feel of riding a motorcycle and is the combination of both; a bike and a scooter. People have a fun time riding them. It has excellent brakes and a weightless front end. It is a perfect city commuter. You can rent Honda Navi at just INR 3000 per month.

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Bajaj vehicles like Bajaj CT 100B, Bajaj Pulsar 150, Bajaj Avenger 150 Street and Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise are another tranche of vehicles that are widely opted by customers. The Bajaj CT 100 is one amongst the best 100cc bikes with great performance. The customized engine can take on any road. The seat  is more than sufficiently spacious making the bike extremely comfortable. It has a long wheelbase and is safe for all road conditions. Be it a short trip or every day ride to college or place of work, renting this bike is totally worth it. It is available for a price of INR 2750 a month.

The largest selling 150cc motorcycle in India is the Bajaj Pulsar 150. With its refined and smooth engine, light clutch and smooth gear shift, there is no doubt about it being the best. The low speed performance is pretty good in this vehicle. The overall performance is great and the tonal quality is acceptable. To rent this bike on Ontrack, just pay INR 4750 a month.

Bajaj Avenger 150 completes the range of bikes by Bajaj. The engine is smooth with a good performance. The acceleration is noticeable. The light clutch enables the rider to handle bumps and corners in traffic with ease. With its excellent brakes, it is it is fun to ride this vehicle on hills too. This bike can be rented at a price of INR 5000 per month.

One of the best bikes available to go on those nostalgic and much planned long rides is the Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise. The heart of the bike i.e the engine is punchy. It has a slick gearbox. The overall performance is pretty good. Having been easy to gain speed, it makes a great and comfortable highway cruiser. It can be rented for INR 5500 a month.

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The Suzuki Access 125 is Suzuki motorcycle India’s star performer. With its peppy engine and decent fuel economy, no wonder it is a best seller. The acceleration is pretty smooth. The scooter pulls neatly and can handle rough patches effortlessly. It does not lose its composure even under emergency braking, holds line under hard braking and is plush and comfortable. It can be hired for INR 3750 per month.

Aprilia SR 150 is a sporty-scooter which has revolutionized the Indian two-wheeler market. It evokes a sense of excitement in the motorcycling enthusiasts. The SR 150 is equipped with a disc brake in the front and drum brake at the rear. The vehicle is powered by a 150cc engine and is targeted at the youth who have performance and style as their top priorities. This vehicle can be rented at a price of INR 4500 per month.

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Now that there is all this information, renting the bike of your choice is just one step away. Happy riding!