Bike-themed cafes in India: where passion meets ambition

Bike-themed cafes in India: where passion meets ambition

Finger-licking food is for foodies. Bike-themed cafes? For motorcycle enthusiasts. Correct! The owners and designers in India seem to be getting bolder and quirkier when it comes to theme-sketching their cafes. The key is conceptualizing it and working on a niche segment – transforming the landscape of the food industry. For art lovers we have the art space and library café in Kolkata, for bike lovers we have the bike themed cafes in Bengaluru/Delhi and the of course the first ever cycling café in Chennai. There is no café that isn’t theme-based anymore – they are all creatively designed that incorporates alluring spaces and fantastic menus.

Café culture has grown over the last few years and they are now designed to deliver experience along with the sinful pies and savories. Today you even have street side cafes where you will find people bathing in the sun, breathing in fresh air, drinking a glass of cold iced tea and enjoying a tastefulconversation – how tempting is that?

Even though the theme is confined to a niche concept it is designed for every kind of café lovers – from those who love to have group gatherings to those wanting a corner to just work away to those looking for a cozy corner to spend some alone time with a book. Yes, definitely meant for all kinds of café lovers.

People are paying more and more attention to the conceptualisation and themes of their cafes, developing philosophies and ideas that they want their spaces to stand for and then creating decor, menus and additional facilities to further cement their concepts as well” – Krupa Joseph, Homegrown

For all bike lovers and feverish motorcyclists here is a list of 5 bike themed cafes around India that you might want to stop by during one of your road trips.

# Moto Store and Café – Bangalore

The name gives it away – a bike themed café along with a bike store where you will find all the motorcycle gear and other accessories you need – from jackets, knee guards, helmets, saddlebags. This café is located on Tank Road near Ulsoor Lake. A great café for motorcyclists to hover around a place that complements their passion. This café was started in 2015 by a group of bikers – Nakul, Abhijit, Vishal and Aashish.

You will find a bright orange scooter hanging from the first floor balcony. The inside of the café is decked with simple wooden chairs and tables. If you choose to hang around outside you will be a spectator to and beguiled by the most enchanting view of Ulsoor Lake. The best part of entering a biker themed café cum store is that you will come across biker enthusiasts like yourself and I think what will follow is pretty much clear. The menu consisting of Besan ka Cheela, Sundal, masala peanuts,  Kanda Poha, and paratha will surely stave your appetite. The ambience is going to leave you refreshed and a bit woozy!

# The Biker’s Café – Delhi

This is what The Biker’s Cafe has to say – “Fuel Up. I am a pure soul rider, My food needs to be special. What better place can I find? Other than my own paradise.”

In this café everything, I mean everything, reflects a biker’s passion – menu, décor and even the furniture. The café has been garnished with motorcycle parts and even the food served here illustrates the theme in the most enigmatic ways. The chairs are made out of real motorcycle seats. You get to sit on these biker seats and immerse yourself in live performances or enjoy live screenings of sports/matches as and when they are scheduled. The menu incorporates Continental, Chinese, North Indian and Italian cuisines with mystically phrased road jargons. According to Eat Treat, their non-veg platter, butter chicken and blueberry smoothie are a must try.

# Biker’s Bites – Kolkata

This café is located in the Platinum Mall on Elgin Road. It opens at 7am – a perfect spot for those heading to Rajarhat. Some people refer to this one as the bike art house since you will find Harley Davidson and Royal Enfield’s logos printed on the tables. “Bike art like brand logos of Harley-Davidson to Royal Enfield are printed on the tables, World War II helmets “bought from a Frenchman friend” double as lights and Ducati to Indian tanks mounted on the wall make up the interiors” – Telegraph, 2014

The biker’s special menu offers Bobby Brown Omelette made from white and brown organic eggs, highway food like Bun Samosa and Cutting Chai, fully loaded Nachos and pizza dough kneaded with spinach.

# Legends Motorcycle Cafe and Museum – Bangalore

Museums are not just for historians or history lovers – the bikers are invited to this specific museum located in Frazer Town. This place brings you the most quaint combination of a museum and café. The building where this café is located is over six decades old. The architecture and décor of the space speaks of the time when the structure was actually constructed.

If it’s not the décor or the architecture then I can say it with guarantee that your love for vintage bikes will drive you to the café. The first floor of the café has about 20 vintage bikes for you to ogle over. The owner of these bikes is Mr. Prabhu. He began his bike collection fetish and mania in 1992. When you enter this café you will be soothed by the most beautiful jazz and blues music playing on a Vinyl.

# Bike and Barrell – Chennai

The most amazing view when you enter the café will be the 1946 Norton Classic bike suspended from the ceiling and the barrel stands surrounding you. So in this café you will be served booze in barrels – they couldn’t get more punky! The café keeps the energy going by organizing ladies night, live music, food festivals and even karaoke nights.

Though the energy is high during the event hours, it does offer a soothing atmosphere and hence a few writers and reviewers have designated this one as the perfect destination for those who still hope to reach nirvana.

If you are a bike lover these cafes are the perfect hangout spots for you and your biker (even non-biker) friends. For starters, visit the one closest to you. With themed cafes becoming the ‘in’ thing and you being a bike enthusiast – take your studs out and scoot to these cafes at least once in your life! Don’t forget to send us ‘selfies’ (the other ‘in’ thing) from these cafes. Buenos Dias everyone!