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Monthly Bike Rental in Bangalore

The easier, faster and cheaper way to travel in Bangalore.

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Saves You 20-30% on Daily Travel

Travel more, travel better, travel cheaper

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₹ 6/km
₹ 13/km
₹ 18/km

Make Your Travel Time Shorter

Did You Know:
Motorcycles are easier and faster than cars to zip out of traffic zones.

Accomplish more every day, with Ontrack! You don’t have to cancel your appointments anymore or pay a penalty for reaching late to college or office!

Did You Know: Motorcycles are easier and faster than cars to zip out of traffic zones.


No Long-term Commitment or Investment



Cross Everything Off Your to-do List

Racing against time to complete all your tasks and plans? Not anymore! Find the time to do everything on your list and more!

Download the bike rental app and book your very first bike now!

The option ‘bike rental near me’ can give you more than just a bike!


Zero Security Deposit

You don’t need to pay any security deposit to rent our bikes. Just keep paying the monthly subscription amount and ride away!


Pickup & Delivery Service

We deliver the bike to your doorstep and pick it up once you decide to terminate the subscription. Of course, there is a small feel for the same but we are happy to do it for you!


Unlimited KM

Freedom and Independence are the gospel truths of riding. Ontrack honors it by offering unlimited kilometer on all its two-wheelers for rent in Bangalore. Go anywhere you want to go without worrying about the distance!


Free Maintenance

Need to get your bike serviced? Now it’s only a few clicks away. We will do it for free and at your preferred location! Just place an online request for service and our service team will handle it for you.

Insurance Covered

We offer commercial comprehensive insurance for every two-wheeler on rent and this comes with no hidden or extra costs! Read more.


Complimentary Helmet

We provide the basis ISI helmets. Your safety is our priority! Don’t forget to ride safe, that one is on you!


Roadside Assistance

Minor breakdowns got you down? We address this at a special cost. Read more!


No Branding

Our bikes has no branding and a clean.

‘Bike rental near me’ in Bangalore is simplifying travel in more than one way!

Download the bike rental app to make your bike rental experience smoother!

Pick a bike and GO!

TVS Sport for Rent in Bangalore

TVS Sport

Displacement – 109 cc
Power – 7 bhp
Ignition – Kick
Top Speed – 85 kmph
Fuel Capacity – 10 litres
Mileage – 95 kmpl

₹ 3499/month

Honda Activa for Rent, Rent Honda Activa in Bangalore

Honda Activa

Displacement – 109.2 cc
Power – 8 bhp
Ignition – Kick & Self
Top Speed – 85 kmph
Fuel Capacity – 5.3 litres
Mileage – 60 kmpl

₹ 3899/month


TVS jupiter

Displacement – 109.7 cc
Power – 7.88 bhp
Ignition – Kick & Self
Top Speed – 85 kmph
Fuel Capacity – 5.3 litres
Mileage – 49 kmpl

₹ 3849/month

Bajaj Pulsar 150 for Rent in Bangalore, Rent Bajaj Pulsar in Bangalore

Bajaj Pulsar 150

Displacement – 149 cc
Power – 15 bhp
Ignition – Kick & Self
Top Speed – 110 kmph
Fuel Capacity – 15 litres
Mileage – 65 kmpl

₹ 4249/month

Always on the move? Download Ontrack’s bike rental app today!

Risk Reversal



We provide quality bikes!. All our bikes are clean and in mint condition.


Prompt service

We offer prompt service. Just call us and we’ll be there for you!


You are covered in case of big accidents. Small ones? You need to handle those!


In case there is something wrong with the bike, we will replace it for you

Make monthly bike rental in Bangalore your way of travel


Most frequent questions and answers

We are not your doctors but we do care for you. You need to have a valid and original MVWG License or MVWOG (for gearless) before renting a bike

Old is gold my friend. So, no. There is no reduction in the monthly rent. However, we offer every bike on rent with no lock-ins. Now, that is damn good news for you, isn’t it?

Oops, no. Not as of now, at least. But, do stay with us and see what we create next! We are awesome!

Questions? Read more or write to us!

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Download our bike rental app today and enjoy these amazing features. Our App can enhance your Ontrack experience – your daily travel has now become
cheaper and faster!

Ontrack bike rental app makes your renting experience an enjoyable one! Getting a two-wheeler on rent is now only a few clicks away.

Ontrack monthly bike rental Bangalore app makes your renting experience an enjoyable one! Getting a two-wheeler for rent in Bangalore is now only a few clicks away.

Suffering from temporary amnesia? We feel you! Download Ontrack app and get the latest updates. You don’t need a calendar anymore. We shall notify you when it’s time to renew your monthly subscription. You will know when your favourite bike on rent is in stock!

Now you can get two-wheelers for rent from bike rentals in Bangalore in only 3 easy steps. Sign up, choose a model, make the payment and voila the bike is yours for a month.

If you are skeptical about which bike to rent, check out all the model descriptions on the app and rent one that fits your needs.

Tired of riding the same scooty on rent? This monthly bike rental app allows you to upgrade your two-wheelers to another model that excites you in your next monthly cycle.

Don’t want the two-wheeler for rent for one whole month? Ontrack App gives you the liberty to extend your booking for a few days once your monthly subscription is over.

Before you sign out, don’t forget to refer your family and friends. Remember, you can refer as many as you want. Your next monthly bike rental subscription could be absolutely free!

You can download your two-wheeler documents from the app and keep it safe in your phone.

To know more about our bike rental services please contact our
customer support at 080 33923788 or email us at info@on-track.in

Download this Ontrack bike rental app for a delightful Ontrack experience!

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