Urban Commuters: here is how scooty on rent can unravel the ravel in travel

Bangalore and its traffic conditions have left the urban commuters absolutely appalled. In this city, we don’t define our travel duration via kms but instead it’s via traffic. Point A to Point B might be 6 km but trust us, you can take hours to reach your Point B. In that time, you might even forget why you wanted to arrive at that destination. In evening hours when I have to commute from Indiranagar to Koramangala, a distance that should take me maximum half an hour, ends up taking up almost an hour and a half. No, I am not exaggerating. Even travel blog that you stumble upon will definitely talk about this one specific hurdle – life on the road can be exhilarating and quite emotive but still kind of rough. This situation is even more prominent when you have to depend on public transport.

You need to have the zeal and strength to be an ardent traveller, especially in a city like Bangalore. You know the mantra for everyday travel? – Commuting every day through the horrendous congestion is tough; you rather not commute at all. First there is the endless hours you spend waiting (first for the driver and then in the traffic) and then there is the exorbitant ‘peak-hour’ cost. Not to forget, with heavy rains and lakhs of people commuting every hour – the peak hours are 24/7. So, the problems, when you depend on public transport and have to wade through the most frenzied road scenarios, are endless – the waiting game when ‘nervously’ anticipating for your ride to arrive, the exorbitant costs, the never-ending hours being stuck in a roadblock, and the stress of it all!

However, the solution is simple. Just be self-reliant and use your own vehicle to travel. It will not allow you to avoid the congestion mayhem but at least you won’t need to pay extra money for those peak hours and you won’t need to wait for your ride to arrive.  Of course, it is not reasonable to purchase a car or a bike. You not only need to pay heavily to own them but it also requires that minimum expense every month to maintain them. This is where bike rentals company like ours, Ontrack, have come up with a more ‘practical’ alternative for you. We at Ontrack, have designed an online bike rental concept that allows you to rent your bike on a monthly basis. Our primary aim is to make a day-to-day commuter’s travel hours and experience – convenient, cost-effective and more constructive. Bike rental in Bangalore is a very novel idea and we want to make this ‘unique’ experience as stimulating and as rewarding as possible. All you need to do is go online and grab a bike on rent.

Amongst all the bikes we have available for rent at Ontrack, one of them is a Scooty. We of course have many more on the list, however, let’s discuss why scooty can be a great fit for you. There are several advantages of renting a Scooty in Bangalore.

Scooty with its automatic transmission is very easy to maneuver around. They are a great transport option for city commuters because with their size and maneuverability you can get through even the worst chaotic roads very easily. You’ll be the hero of the road, we mean – when you beat the traffic. This you will know when the envious boss driving a Sedan will be left behind while you reach your workplace on time.  Scooty is one of the best options available for an everyday traveller. The good thing about this option is that everyone in your family (as long as you make sure they are 18 and above, in age not height) can easily use it – especially over the weekends when it has nothing to do but hang around in the shade.

Scooty is available for rent at quite an affordable pricing and if we look at the Scooty prices in Bangalore – it can cost at least 40-50k for you to buy one. That is quite a huge sum for anyone to shell out at one go. Of course, the ownership brings with it a bigger set of responsibilities that can prove to be very time consuming, difficult and in a way pointless. This is where we at Ontrack bring you a ‘new kind of experience’. Ontrack offers Honda Activa on rent in Bangalore and you couldn’t have asked for a better option. Honda Activa with its pleasing design has made quite an impression in India and is still loved by many. So, this is how easy it is to travel with us – all you need to do when you rent out Honda Activa for a month – just commute away! We will take care of the basic maintenance. All you need to do is swipe that card and keep the monthly rent coming.

Travelling on a bike, that is also known to be a more reliable and sensible machine in a traffic panorama, can prove to be lucrative in countless ways. Riding a motorcycle is known for its meditative qualities and the zest for life is definitely tied to riding a bike. It is also considered to be a faster mode of transportation as you can easily zip zap through the most frenzied and chaotic roads. Of course, you need to ensure that you ride safely! The other day, a colleague of mine, gave me a lift on his motorcycle. The route that usually takes me around an hour or more, took me only 25 minutes. He rode adroitly and safely and yet managed to maneuver through the chockablock roads way quicker than the cabs and autos. So, there you go – bike rentals can be one of the most beneficial alternative you could adopt! It can offer you a personal sense of power and independence.

These kind of congestion nightmares is seen as a deadly untreatable disease, that causes our mind to burst with disruptions. Our beloved city, Bengaluru, has been experiencing this since years and there is no progress as the situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better. In fact, it is getting worse. People are truly wishing to start their new lives on Mars. Well, humans can be over-dramatic. We are known for it. That won’t solve the problem for us though. But at Ontrack, we can help you find a ‘not such a dramatic yet a life-changing solution’ – Rent out Honda Activa. It’s simple, affordable and you can maneuver around the cabs and autos without apologizing for the same. Let us help you to ‘mentally’ transport to Mars. We promise you, you will love it. Go to our sign-up page and rent your very first motorcycle! Do contact us if you need any assistance with the same.